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By pfti (Jon Carter)
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Nope ... nd-present
our crews and Away Teams are present with other cards (such as Duck Blind or opposing Away Teams) that are on the same ship, inside the same facility (at the same site, if any), or on the same planet surface.
An Away Team that is aboard a landed ship or in a planet facility, such as Terraforming Station, is not present on the planet's surface. The Away Team must first exit the ship or facility. An Away Team cannot attempt a [P] mission unless on the surface.
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By Takket
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interesting follow up to this...

Can I put three security or jem'hadar in a landed ship on the planet and use them to Post Garrison? That card, unlike Duck Blind, says "on planet" and the glossary says...
on planet

Cards which are in a planet facility or aboard a ship landed on a planet are also "on planet," even though they are not on the planet's surface.
That would completely lock your opponent out of a mission unless they have a Breenzooka or Orbital Bombardment
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
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Bombing the whales is always the correct decision.
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