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By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
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I always enjoyed the weird scenarios Decipher put together from time to time -- variations of the game with weird pools and weird rules. Often completely broken, but very entertaining to play at least once.

So I wrote a scenario:
Wolves Among the Sheep
The Klingon Cold War, 2267-2272

v0.3 - 27 July 2021

The year is 2267. The godlike Organians have imposed a fragile peace on Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, just in time to avert an apocalyptic interstellar war. Now, the disputed territory is open to anyone who, by the terms of the treaty, proves the ability to develop it "most efficiently."

Dozens of worlds lie in the disputed territory. Scores of primitive civilizations unknowingly depend on the outcome. And the Organians are not watching all that closely.

Neither side trusts the other to live out the spirit of the treaty.

Neither side should.
In Wolves Among the Sheep, a [Fed] Federation player and a [Kli] Klingon player face off along the disputed territories of the Klingon Cold War. Their mission: develop the region as efficiently as possible, using Development tokens to track each empire's influence over each planet on the spaceline (slowly dominating each one), and using Operations and battle to squeeze opponent off the table. But be careful: the Organians are watching, and any side that gets too aggressive will be banished from space, instantly losing the game.

Wolves also features a significantly different turn structure from the standard game, as well as new rules to support some truly epic fleet battles.

Here is the whole thing:

[SD] Wolves Among the Sheep v0.3 Rules & Card Pool
[SD] Lackey card pool file (goes in /plugins/startrek1e/cardpools)
[SD] Sample Federation Deck
[SD] Sample Klingon Deck
[SD] Full card pool:
A Bad End
A Crime of Passion
A Good Day to Lie
A Miner Confrontation
A Passionate Vulcan
A Pleasant Surprise
Abandon Ship!
Aggressive Behavior
Alien Abduction
Alien Abduction: Test Subjects
Alien Labyrinth
All Available Personnel
Anaphasic Organism
Ancient Computer
Angry Mob
Ankari "Spirits"
Antedean Assassins
Aphasia Device
Archaic Ritual
Arms Deal
Armus - Skin of Evil
Armus - Sticky Situation
Armus: Energy Field
Armus: Roulette
Assassin's Blade
Assassination Attempt
Assimilated Vessel
Astral Eddy
Authorized Access Only
Back Room Dealings
Back to Basics
Balancing Act
Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease
Berserk Changeling
Beta XII-A Entity
Birth of "Junior"
Brief Romance
Captain's Holiday
Caretaker's Wave
Cargo Pirates
Center of Attention
Chula: Echoes
Chula: Pick One to Save Two
Chula: The Abyss
Chula: The Chandra
Chula: The Dice
Chula: The Door
Chula: The Drink
Chula: The Game
Chula: The Lights
Chula: The Way Home
Chula: Trickery
Chula: Unfortunate Roll
Civil Unrest
Clan People
Climbing the Ranks
Close Call
Command Decisions
Common Thief
Contaminating a Culture
Cosmic String Fragment
Crew Advancement
Crippling Injury
Crowded Bar
Crystalline Entity
Cultural Differences
Damaged Reputation
Dangerous Climb
Dangerous Liaisons
Data Has Some Issues
Dedication to Duty
Deliberate Tactical Error
Denevan Neural Parasites
Devastating Communique
Difference of Opinion
Dignitaries and Witnesses
Dikironium Cloud Creature
Disgraceful Assault
Distracted by Thoughts of Home
Divided Loyalties
DNA Clues
DNA Security Scan
Do You Smell Something Burning?
Don't Call Me Ahab
Don't Let It End This Way
Dramatis Personae
Duonetic Field Generator
El-Adrel Creature
Emergency Conversion
Emergent Life-form
Eminian Disintegration Protocol
Encased in Crystal
Engine Imbalance
Entertaining Display
Exact Change
Experience Bij!
Eye to Eye
Face to Face
Faux Pas
Female's Love Interest
Ferengi Attack
Ferengi Bug
Ferengi Ingenuity
Ferengi Locator Bomb
Flash Plasma Storm
Flaxian Assassin
Flim-Flam Artist
Fly by the Seat of your Pants
Founder Secret
Fractured Time
Frame of Mind
Framed for Murder
Friendly Fire
Garak Has Some Issues
Garanian Bolites
Gomtuu Shock Wave
Gorn Encounter
Gravimetric Distortion
Gravitic Mine
Hanonian Land Eel
Hard Time
Harvester Virus
Hate Crime
Hazardous Duty
Head to Head
Hero Worship
Hippocratic Oath
History Repeats Itself
Hologram Ruse
Hull Breach
Hunter Gangs
Hunter Probe
I Hate You
Iconian Computer Weapon
Impassable Door
Important Guests
In the Pale Moonlight
Incentive-Based Economics
Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
Interphasic Plasma Creatures
Invasive Procedures
Invidium Leak
Isolinear Puzzle
It's Green
Jol Yichu'!
Justice or Vengeance
Kazon Bomb
Kelvan Show of Force
Klingon Troop Deployment
Komar Possession
Ktarian Game
Lack of Preparation
Lethean Telepathic Attack
Linguistic Legerdemain
M-113 Creature
Magnetic Field Disruptions
Make Us Go
Male's Love Interest
Malfunctioning Door
Maman Picard
Maquis Vendetta
Matriarchal Society
Medical Crisis
Menthar Booby Trap
Microbiotic Colony
Mimetic Simbiot
Misguided Activist
Misinterpreted History
Mission Fatigue
More of Your Kind
Morphogenic Virus
Multitronic Menace
Murasaki Effect
Murder Investigation
Nagilum: Test Subjects
Nanobiogenic Fugitives
Nausicaans: Pirates
Navigational Hazards
Nelvana Trap
New Essentialists
Nitrium Metal Parasites
No Loose Ends
No Mention of Crime
None Shall Pass
Null Space
Occupational Hazards
Odo's "Cousin"
Oh No!
One to One
Orion Syndicate Bomb
Ornaran Threat
Osaarian Pirates
Parallel Romance
Paralyzed by Fear
Persistent Individuality
Personal Duty
Photonic Energy Being
Picking Up the Pieces
Planet Killer
Plasma Currents
Portal Guard
Precision Piloting
Primal Urges
Primitive Culture
Primitive Humanoids
Protestations of Innocence
Punishment Box
Punishment Zone
Q's Vicious Animal Things
Quality of Life
Quantum Fissure
Radioactive Garbage Scow
Rebel Encounter
Recurring Injury
Reluctant Informant
REM Fatigue Hallucinations
Remat Detonator
Replicator Accident
Rock People
Romulan Mind Probes
Routine Physical
Royale Casino: Blackjack
Royale Casino: Craps
Royale Casino: Elevator
Royale Casino: Slots
Rules of Obedience
Sabotaged Negotiations
Sabotaged Plasma Conduit
Scientific Method
Secret Identity
Security Precautions
Seismic Quake
Shaka, When the Walls Fell
Shall We Begin Again?
Shields Up!
Shot in the Back
Shuttle Crash
Silent Enemy
Skeleton Crew
Socializing with the Staff
Some Day I'll Retire Here
Space Amoeba
Spaceborne Entity
Spatial Rift
Spock's Brain
Stellar Flare
Strange Bedfellows
Subspace Accident
Subspace Fracture
Subspace Shock Wave
Surprise Assault
Symbalene Blood Burn
T'Pol Has Some Issues
Tactical Disadvantage
Talosian Cage
Tarellian Plague Ship
Tedious Soiree
Temptations of the Flesh
Tense Negotiations
Thasian Powers
The Arsenal: Divided
The Arsenal: Separated
The Caretaker's "Guests"
The Clown: Beneath the Mask
The Clown: Bitter Medicine
The Clown: Guillotine
The Clown: My Festival
The Clown: On His Throne
The Clown: Playing Doctor
The Gatherers
The Ghost of Cyrus Ramsey
The Metrons' Arena
The New Resistance
The Sheliak
The Swarm
The Three Vipers
The Weak Will Perish
The Whale Probe
Theta-Radiation Poisoning
Too Many Chiefs
Trabe Grenade
Trilithium Raid
Tsiolkovsky Infection
Two-Dimensional Creatures
Unlikely Pair
Unorthodox Preservation
Unscheduled "Assistance"
Unscientific Method
Untrustworthy Associate
Up Yer Shaft!
Vantika's Neural Pathways
Vastly Outnumbered
Volcanic Eruption
Vole Infestation
War Games
Warp Bubble Mishap
White Rabbit
Wind Dancer
Your Galaxy Is Impure

Classic Communicator
Classic Disruptor
Classic Medical Tricorder
Classic Tricorder
Classic Type II Phaser
D'k Tahg
Federation PADD
Flintlock Rifle
Klingon Baldric
Klingon PADD
Library Record Tape

33rd Rule of Acquisition
62nd Rule of Acquisition
A Second Chance at Life
Abandon Mission
Alien Probe
Amanda Rogers: Protector
Assassination Plot
Atmospheric Ionization
Baryon Buildup
Biosphere Toxin
Brace for Impact
Bynars Data Transfer
Bynars Weapon Enhancement
Captain's Log
Celebratory Toast
Cellular Peptide Cake
Computer Crash
Cowboy Diplomacy
Crew Reassignment
Defense System Upgrade
Defiant Dedication Plaque
Disrupted Continuum
Distortion Field
Drag Net
Drought Tree
Duck Blind
Espionage: Federation on Klingon
Espionage: Klingon on Federation
Federation Flagship: Renewed
Gaps in Normal Space
Goddess of Empathy
Heart of Glory
Heisenberg Compensators
I Just Love Scanning for Life-forms
Intruder Force Field
Isomagnetic Disintegrator
Kivas Fajo - Collector
Klim Dokachin
Life's Simple Pleasures
Line of Defense
Lore Returns
Lower Decks
M-5 Computer
Masaka Transformations
Metaphasic Shields
Mirror Image
Mission Debriefing
Neural Servo Device
Nutational Shields
Patient Schemer
Pattern Enhancers
Plasma Fire
Quantum Slipstream Drive
Reaction Control Thrusters
Recreation Room
Recruit Mercenaries
Revisionist History
Shades of Gray: Anguish
Shades of Gray: Brutality
Shades of Gray: Cruelty
Shades of Gray: Despair
Sleeper Ship
Space Boomer
Starting Over
Stone Knives and Bearskins
Strange New Worlds
Strategic Sector
Subspace Transporter
Subspace Warp Rift
Surprise Party
System 5 Disruptors
Tactical Console
Telepathic Alien Kidnappers
Temporal Shifting
Tetryon Field
The Beating Heart
The Mask of Korgano
The Next Emanation
The Traveler: Transcendence
Thermal Deflectors
Timepod Ring
To Be or Not to Be
Urgent Warning
Venus Drug
Wall of Ships
Warp Core Breach
Warrior's Birthright
Wartime Conditions
Where No One Has Gone Before

Deep Space Station K-7
Federation Outpost
Klingon Outpost

Call for Reinforcements
Center of Authority
Condition Red
Diplomatic Contact
Emergency Evacuation
Expert Pilot
Kobayashi Maru Scenario
maH nlv
Make It So
No Way Out
Obelisk of Masaka
Organian Annexation
Ravenous Hunger
Risk is Our Business
Scanner Interference
Strategic Base
Taking Charge
The Genesis Effect

A Missing Day
Activate Tractor Beam
Alien Groupie
Anti-Matter Spread
Asteroid Sanctuary
Attack Pattern Delta
Auto-Destruct Sequence
Burial Ground
Changeling Sweep
Cold Warriors
Critical Assistance
Data's Medals
Devidian Foragers
Disruptor Overload
Dropping In
Emergency Transporter Armbands
Empathic Touch
End Transmission
Energy Vortex
Escape Pod
Extraordinary Methods
Eyes in the Dark
Fire Sculptor
Full Planet Scan
Going to the Top
Honor Challenge
I Do Not Take Orders From You!
I'm a Doctor, Not a Bartender
I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer
I... Have Had... Enough of You!
Incoming Message - Federation
Incoming Message - Klingon
Jaglom Shrek - Information Broker
Klingon Death Yell
Klingon Painstik
Klingon Right of Vengeance
Latinum Payoff
Life-form Scan
Live Long and Prosper
Long-Range Scan
Loss of Orbital Stability
Multivector Assault Mode
Nanoprobe Resuscitation
Narrow Escape
Near-Warp Transport
Palor Toff - Alien Trader
Particle Fountain
Phaser Array Power Cell
Phaser Burns
Remember the Alamo
Scorched Hand
Scotty, Beam Me Up!
Security Sacrifice
Ship Seizure
Shrouded Assailant
Smoke and Mirrors
Subspace Interference
Tactical Scan
Team of Ambassadors
Temporal Rift
That's a Stupid Question!
The Juggler
The Needs of the Many ...
The Power
Thine Own Self
Time to Reconsider
Transwarp Conduit
Unnatural Causes
Vulcan Mindmeld
Weak Spot
What Does God Need With a Starship?
Your Place is on the Bridge

Access Archives
Access Dilithium Cache
Agricultural Assessment
Arbitrate Negotiations
Archanis Dispute
Assassinate Diplomat
Assemble Fleet
Attend Disciplinary Proceeding
Attend Royal Function
Clandestine Search
Compromised Mission *VP
Destabilize Region
Evade Sensors
Examine Disappearance Site
Examine Protected Culture
Examine Quasar
Extract Rare Mineral
Genesis Planet
Investigate Decaying Radiation
Investigate Quarantine
Investigate Rogue Comet
Mourn Victims
Navigate Argolis Cluster
Obtain Mining Agreement
Pursue Origins
Reallocate Dividends
Refine Inoculation
Resolve Local Tensions
Review Mining Operation
Secure Strategic Base
Seek Remnants
Study Nebula
Study Planetary Devastation
Study Pulsar
Transfer Vaccines
Upgrade Munitions
Vanquish Enemy
Warped Space

Ancient Citadel
Assign Support Personnel *VP
Council of Warriors
Divert Power
Establish Tractor Lock
File Mission Report
General Order 7
Let Me Help
Military Protectorate
Prepare Assault Teams
Prepare Landing Party
Process Ore: Mining
Reflection Therapy
The Squire's Rules

Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk (Chain of Command)
Captain Kirk (The Cage)
Captain Kirk (Through the Looking Glass)
Chief Pitcairn
Christopher Pike
Commodore Decker
Commodore Stone
Dr. Boyce
Dr. McCoy
Dr. McCoy (Through the Looking Glass)
Ensign Chekov
Lt. Bailey
Lt. Commander Giotto
Lt. D'Amato
Lt. Grant
Lt. Jose Tyler
Lt. Kevin Riley
Lt. Kyle
Lt. Moreau
Lt. Nagata
Lt. Palamas
Lt. Palmer
Lt. Stiles
Lt. Sulu
Lt. Sulu (The Cage)
Lt. Uhura
Lt. Uhura (Through the Looking Glass)
Lt. Watley
Mr. Scott
Mr. Scott (The Cage)
Mr. Scott (Through the Looking Glass)
Mr. Spock
Nilz Baris
Number One
Nurse Chapel
Richard Daystrom
Samuel T. Cogley
Yeoman Colt
Yeoman Rand
Lt. McGivers
Starship Constellation
Starship Constitution
Starship Defiant
Starship Enterprise
Starship Enterprise (Chain of Command)

Arne Darvin
Captain Kang (A Private Little War)
Captain Khod
Captain Koloth
Governor Kor
Excalbian Kahless
I.K.C. Gr'oth
I.K.S. Molor
Battle Cruiser

Harcourt Fenton Mudd
Thelev Impersonator
Class J Cargo Ship

Ambassador Petri
Claudius Marcus
The Keeper
Khan Noonien Singh
Leila Kalomi
Mea 3

[Tactic] TACTICS
"Crimson Forcefield"
Attack Wing
Classic Phaser Banks
Close Quarters Combat
Determined Assault
Evasive Maneuvers
Frontal Assault
Full Phaser Spread
It Must Be Destroyed
Maximum Firepower
Phase Cannons
Phaser Banks
Photon Torpedo
Picard Maneuver
Plasma Torpedo
Pulse Disruptor
Pulse Phaser Cannons
Riker Maneuver
Spiral-Wave Disruptor
Strafing Run
T'Pol/Soong Maneuver
Target Engines
Target Shields
Target These Coordinates
Target Warp Field Coils
Target Weapons

This is all a totally unofficial personal project. The goal of Wolves is to provide a new, fun way of playing the Star Trek CCG in a unique setting, with distinctive mechanics well-suited to that setting. It might even be fun for someone who is newer to the Star Trek CCG and is looking for a limited format; Wolves is pretty high on the complexity curve, but hopefully not as high as OTF Complete!

It's probably possible to "solve" Wolves with the best possible deck, but my hope is that it will take a while to discover it. Meanwhile, we can have fun exploring the weird nooks and crannies of the scenario.

I've tried playing Wolves against myself, but, after a few turns, I just get confused. Trying to keep track of what both sides are doing is too much for my tiny brain. And nobody who built a card pool and rules set for it is capable of seeing all the weird corner shots available in it anyway.

So I'm wondering whether anyone else is willing to play this weird, weird variant against me. I'd need to play it online, probably late at night, some time in the next six weeks or so. I'm quite sure that Wolves is broken, probably badly, probably in several places... but I won't know 'til I play a whole game against somebody. Hopefully then I can tidy it up and release a v0.5 that people might actually want to play.

PM me if interested.

Also, your comments (and questions) are welcome. I haven't done anything this weird in years. There may even be some obvious-to-the-naked-eye glaring holes in Wolves that I haven't noticed, and I'd love to have those pointed out so I can fix 'em.

P.S. Special thanks to James Monsebroten, Charlie Plaine, and their co-designers, whose set A Private Little War both inspired Wolves Among the Sheep and provided the backbone of the Wolves card pool.

Once you read the rules, you can also probably pretty easily figure out what non-Trek board game I was playing a lot of this April/May.
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By Keiimaster (Mathew McCalpin)
 - Delta Quadrant
1E The Neutral Zone Regional Participant 2021
Definitely seems interesting. I would need time to build both decks but it seems that build might be as entertaining as the play.
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First Edition Rules Master
By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
 - First Edition Rules Master
Community Contributor
Keiimaster wrote: Wed Jul 28, 2021 3:27 pm Definitely seems interesting. I would need time to build both decks but it seems that build might be as entertaining as the play.
For me, at least, the build phase is very confusing. I'm never sure what to prioritize. The game (at least, as designed, we'll see if it plays that way) is ultimately about pressure: you're basically trying to put your opponent into situations where he has only bad choices ("accept this devastating Operation or give away 5 development"; "give up trying to dominate Mission X or risk losing all the points when you solve Mission Y"). But there are enough possible pressure points that it's not easy to see where the deck should focus.

My verrrrrry bad fishbowl testing suggests that it's difficult to get an advantage in ship battle in the first few turns -- Klingons have the initiative but Feds have plenty of ways to shore up defenses, and Alert Code 4 serves as a mini-Strategema that seems more powerful than I originally anticipated. So I'm starting to look at Organian Annexation as a means to win personnel battles, while keeping the space tonnage roughly even.

I dunno. Loose thoughts. Interested to hear what you end up thinking and doing, if you decide to build a Wolves deck. (But play it against me before you give away your secrets!)
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