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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
Hi folks,

I need some of you TrekCC historians / sleuths to figure something out for me. For most of our lifetime, we've put out buttons (often called badges outside the US) for our big OP events. They're typically 1" circles with a pin back, and often end up on bags and such. I've been going through and doing some digging, and I have conflicting records about if we did these in 2008, and what they were.

I have everything from 2009 on. In 2009, the badges were themed around TNG uniforms, with a gold badge for Regionals, a blue badge for Continentals, and a red badge for Worlds. We then varied it from year to year for awhile, theming them around movies, other series, and even things like Relativity uniforms. In 2017, we switched back to just using TNG themes with the year changing, not the design.

But I can't find anything about what we did, if anything, in 2008. My memory says that we started with TNG, which was 2009. It's possible we did something else entirely in 2008, or reused the TNG theme again in 2009 before deciding to vary it. But I don't have anything in my archive, except for a reference to them on my button tracking sheet - without any details.

So what do you remember? Does anyone have a button from a Regional, Continental, or Worlds event in 2008? If you do, and you can find it, can you describe it or post a picture of it?


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