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Second Edition Design Manager
By The Guardian (Richard New)
 - Second Edition Design Manager
2E World Quarter-Finalist 2021
Welcome to the official Q&A thread for Caretaker. I know recently we've seen most discussions come in tandem with the article releases, but here you can ask any and all questions related to this expansion of the design team, who will do their best to answer them. Questions about the design, testing, creative, art or the expansion overall are all welcome. The designers make no promises they will answer everything though!

Daniel "Danny" Giddings
Benjamin "Gorgo Primus" Rostoker
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Director of First Edition
By MidnightLich (Charlie Plaine)
 - Director of First Edition
It was recently announced that a Vidiian affiliation in the works for Second Edition - we even got a tease at a template. Any chance that was announced ahead of Caretaker because Vidiian stuff might be coming earlier than expected?


I can't speak for any other sets that may be in the works, but in terms of Caretaker I think it would be somewhat misleading for me to simply say there is Vidiian stuff in here. You won't see anything here with the Vidiian template or designed specifically just for them that is. However, there is a card here that heavily references them and which future Vidiian decks have quite good odds of finding useful regardless of what their mechanics end up being.

And now that's it has been revealed and I tell you said card is New Earth. It has the Vidiian icon (which has no meaning at the moment) and references them in the lore, but is otherwise just a standard [Fed] [DQ] mission that can be useful for Voyager, Holograms, and whoever else qualifies and wants to take the trip. And in case anyone was wondering, it was also designed before anyone brought up the idea of including the Vidiian icon so this would have been part of the set even if that project wasn't underway.
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By Faithful Reader (Ross Fertel)
 - Gamma Quadrant
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I'm going to use the Collector's ID for any cards that haven't been revealed yet, and then go back in and edit in the full names once they have. Also Bob asks some very weird questions here, so I can't guarantee that my answers are 100% accurate.

Kyle sent me.

What is your favorite card in the set?
56 V 7 (now revealed as Tak Tak Negotiations)
Probably the card we chose for the VP promo, Neelix, “Fearless Warrior”.

Which card did you contribute the most to?
Answering this is really hard without handing over a huge spoiler list, since it'd end up in a many way tie between all the cards I pitched and took the lead on. So, I'm going to choose to pass rather than arbitrarily pick one.
Same initial answer, although a more specific answer will be coming in an article.

Which card went through the most changes?
56 V 7 (now revealed as Tak Tak Negotiations) - it started as mission, and ended a dilemma.
What eventually became The Clown: Fear Incarnate could arguably be said to have had the most changes given that it spent several testing cycles as a Hologram personnel.

56 V 51 is probably a good shout for "card that underwent the fewest changes" too.
I'm fairly sure Q’ret is one of the cards that didn't undergo a pixel of change from pre-A.

Which card has your favorite image?
Art did a great job in general, but Subspace "Sandbar" is pretty adorable.

Questions from Bob:

You're going to have a wild weekend. A wild "What Happens in Vegas" weekend. Which card represents who you would take with you?
56 V 34 - he'd probably take a bullet for me.
Satan’s Robot, Dangerous Minion, but only for the sake of my personal safety and cause I find them endearing. Of course, I'm not one for drinking or gambling so our 'wild' weekend would probably be pretty boring by most standards. Then again, since this card couldn't do either very well I don't think they'd mind me.

You're going to commit a crime. Which card represents who you would take with you?
Equinox Conspiracy because whatever that represents would already have the crime planned out in great detail for me.

Which card represents your favorite DJ?
I don't have one, so I'll go with The Clown: Cloaking Device because they look like they're having fun regardless of what's going on around them.

You've reached the natural end of your life. In addition to your friends and family, which card represents who you would you like by your bed.
Satan’s Robot, Dangerous Minion again, cause they'd probably be able to cheer me up at least a little.

You have a secret. A deep dark secret you have not told anyone. Which card represents who you would tell?
Rollins, Trusted Subordinate, cause I could trust them right? I mean, it's kind of in the name.

With all due respect to your significant others, which card is your secret crush?
Tom Paris, Father of the Kuvah'magh I guess, but only cause I've secretly wanted to see this persona finally get into the game for ages now.
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By Armus (Brian Sykes)
 - The Center of the Galaxy
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Cross-posting from the Chakotay article thread since nobody seems to want to answer me over there:

Well, this is the Q&A thread...

Re: the new Chakotay: Why is it ok to make this guy a -5 for one dilemma when Komal is only -2? Seems a bit disparate to me, especially since to get the Komal discount I have to give a dilemma too!

You're right, it is disparate, but that's partly because the starting position of the two cards is disparate too; Komal is a 6-skilled 6/6/7 for 3, whereas Chakotay is a 6-skilled 5/6/5 for 5. Is Chakotay over-costed, Komal under-costed, or both?

In both instances where the player of the personnel has scooped a dilemma under their mission, the Komal player's only spent 3 (giving them the opportunity to play a second Komal, as he's non-unique (leading to a potential third if at least one of them's discounted)), while the Chakotay player's spent 5, giving the Klingon player a distinct counter advantage.

Also, the Komal player has access to an incredibly niche piece of dilemma pile synergy, using Komal's game text to (potentially) trigger a Forewarned - they would lose a dilemma, but they could score 5 points.

Those things being the case, I do think it's okay for Chakotay to be -5, because anything less would show Komal in a better light than he's already sitting in.
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By Dukat
 - Delta Quadrant
About ... Plasma Storm Depths, Search for Missing Vessel.

I don't get what this card offers me.
Caretaker's Array and Finding Our Way already has what is needed for a Voyager deck.

This gives the Voyager player a guaranteed (although expensive) way to get a ship out on their first turn. The aforementioned CA/FOW didn't. And it's optional - the player doesn't have to, and can make the decision after they've drawn their opening seven cards. If they've got an FOW/Christening/Voyager in their hand, nice! If not, and the first turn's going to be a heap of discarding anyway, might as well make it count for something.

I mean, let’s say you’re playing Voyager or Equinox and you don’t get a ship or Christening in your opening hand. Before this you’d have to spend counters drawing for a ship and, if you didn’t find it or ran out of enough counters to play the ship you got, you’d have to end your turn discarding a ton. FOW has the ship download as an Order, so that’ll only help you avoid repeating that on the next turn. This new mission, at the great cost of taking up a mission slot for a dangerous mission (can’t report there) that won’t count towards a 4 Space win, gives you the option of discarding some of what you might have been forced to otherwise in order to make sure you get a real first turn - instead of the potential ‘draw and discard seven and do nothing ‘worst luck/case’ scenario. Like Danny said, it’s optional (both to include and to use if you do) and taking this safety option certainly isn’t free, but some players (especially newer ones) might find it totally worth running.

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