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Fritzinger wrote: Sat Oct 23, 2021 2:25 am Saywhatnow? Playtest reward store?
Every time you file or contribute directly to a report, you get a point. Get enough points, and the Director will get you a reward (of your choice) off the list. It's all run through a spreadsheet. It's very cool, and highly motivating. Of course, you have to choose to redeem your points, and even testers sometimes forget they have dozens of points available to them.

This was new in... I think 2019? and there were delays both during and after the pandemic, but it's working now! Or at least that's what the borderless Husnock Ship on my bookshelf says. :)
winterflames wrote:I would happily volunteer. But there are only the 2 of us.
I have no idea what the Official Playtesting Application says right now about group size, but the practical reality is that almost all active playtest groups today have only 2 members. If the Official Playtesting Application says there's a requirement for more, it should be corrected -- and you should apply either way! You'd do great.
For the longest time it said you had to have an in-person play group, which I don't so I never qualified.
You qualify now! And would also do great. (Another practical reality: Lackey testing is so much easier than printing and cutting that most testing happens on Lackey right now.)
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BCSWowbagger wrote: Fri Oct 22, 2021 2:46 pmAnd there's sincerely no easier way in the CC to get borderless promos than the Playtest Reward store. I think I got 4 when I cashed out? Plus a bunch of other promos?
As the 2E playtest manager, I'd just like to say... the what?
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