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By KazonPADD (Paddy Tye)
 - First Edition Creative Manager
1E British National Runner-Up 2021
1E American National Runner-Up 2020
Hello all and welcome to your Friday Question!

It’s a simple one this week, as I’m seeking some inspiration!

It’s often rare that our decks go beyond 18 dilemmas and 3-card dilemma combos, but sometimes it’s fun to strip back the other seed cards and just make an opponent slug their way through an endless stream of dilemmas to solve a mission.

So today’s 1EFQ is simply what are your favourite 4-card dilemma combos?

Maybe you like to maximise the potential kills or maybe you like to enjoy reducing the potential point value of those missions? Maybe it’s capture based shenanigans? Or maybe you just like throwing a surprise extra into a classic 3-card combo? Let us know!
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By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
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1E North American Continental Runner-Up 2022
Volcanic Eruption
Founder Secret
Denevan Neural Parasites
Faux Pas

In The Pale Moonlight
Unscientific Method
Scientific Method

Your Galaxy Is Impure
Spatial Rift
Rules of Obedience
Misinterpreted History

The last one's my fave.

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