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By Big Borg
 - Beta Quadrant

The Fantasy League begins August 13th. Time to pick your team!!

Press link: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues

League Code: Trek CCG: kyel6q

League Code: TrekCC: ijwyz1

If you played last year, you’re automatically part of the League.

Create a team. Same for both Trek leagues.

Watch the live games on NBCSN, Peacock and NBC during the weekend. Follow your players.

By Big Borg
 - Beta Quadrant
End of Season Results:

Trek CCG (Minott sponsored)
1. Imelda Mcateer 2442
2. Darrell Minott 1956
3. Taiwo Tolorunju 1810
4. Joseph Nifemi 1661

TrekCC (Hoskin sponsored)
1. Imelda Mcateer 2442
2. Tuan Muda 2037
3. James O'Donovan 2032
4. Darrell Minott 1956
5. Will Hoskin 1928
6. Joseph Nifemi 1661

Great fun!! See you next season (August 2022)
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