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By Mongo
 - Alpha Quadrant
We will be hosting a 1E Tournament in Rosebud, Mo on July 23rd. We have 4 players committed at this time. More details to come soon. Let me know if you have questions.
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
I am going to see if I (or we) can make it!
By Mongo
 - Alpha Quadrant
Sorry everyone but due to recent scheduling conflicts we will be canceling this tournament date and will be looking for a future date to have it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Executive Officer
By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
 - Executive Officer
1E World Quarter-Finalist 2022
2E World Quarter-Finalist 2022
2E North American Continental Semi-Finalist 2022
I’m strangely ok with this.
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