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By bosskamiura (Thomas Kamiura)
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Have You Achieved Mastery?
You first came to The Dojo to learn, to play. Maybe you spent time with the instructors in the training rooms, or started sparring with friends in the atrium after work. It was good. The Dojo watched you grow in mind and spirit, and this alone, was victory.

But now you want more. You want to be recognized as more than a play partner. You yearn for the title bestowed on only a few who have passed these doors: that of a The Dojo Master.

This highest rank can be earned in only one competition: the TK Invitational Series. All Followers Of The Way with a warrior spirit within them are invited to join this event, but few have ever survived it. The finest players with the finest decks have made their name here -- and another will make a name (or defend an honored title) this month, too. No quarter will be asked or given. It is simple: you must be the best.

You must be a Master.

Do These Tournaments Have Rules?
• Lackey and a voice app (Discord or Skype) are required to play.
• Rules/Banned cards in effect at the start of the tournament remain in effect throughout.
• You may NOT change your deck between rounds.
• Time limit for 1e games: 105 minutes. Time limit for 2e games: 75 minutes. Time limit for Tribbles games: 70 minutes.
• Late comers have until two days after the start date to join by sending the TD a direct message. The TD will not accept a late entry past that date.
• If 8 or more players register, the TD will expand the tournament to 4 rounds.
• If you need an extension, please send the TD a direct message. The TD will grant a TWO day extension. If you cannot get your game in by that time, you will receive a MISSED GAME. If you miss a second game, you will be DROPPED from the tournament. As a courtesy to others, if you cannot commit to making time to play the assigned games, please do not sign up for this tournament.

How Do We Communicate?
For communicating and scheduling games, The Master ALWAYS suggest using The Dojo's preferred method of communication, The Dojo's Discord Channel.

Join The Discord
• Use this link here to sign up!
• Use this link here to log into your account once signed up!
• Don't forget to download the mobile app!

What About Prizes?
Rewarding players for participating is something that I've always believe in as a TD and would like to continue doing. As a thank you for participating in this series of tournaments, I've come up with the following prizes.

Forum Prizes
• 01 to 08 wins: a forum badge with pips!
• 09 to 16 wins: Earn a badge with a Federation banner!
• 17 to 24 wins: Earn a badge with a Klingon banner!
• 25 to 32 wins: Earn a badge with a Romulan banner!
• 33 to 40 wins: Earn a badge with a Ferengi banner!
• 25 to 48 wins: Earn a badge with a Terran Empire banner!
• 33 to 56 wins: Earn a badge with a Dominion banner!

(Every time you earn a new banner, you're pips reset back to 1 from 8.)


Discord Prizes
...And let's not forget about The Dojo's very own Discord channel! Wins here in The Dojo tournaments matter in the Discord channel too!!

• 01 to 04 wins: Earns rank of: Dojo Master
• 05 to 08 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master I
• 09 to 12 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master II
• 13 to 16 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master III
• 17 to 20 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master IV
• 21 to 24 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master V
• 25 to 28 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master VI
• 29 to 32 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master VII
• 33 to 36 wins: Earns rank of: Ascended Master VIII

...and so on!

The League Of Champions!
All previous winners, in order, starting with the first tournament winner inside The Dojo. Please note, if you have won a previous event and your avatar is no longer current, please let me know and I will quickly update it below.

Click here to see past Dojo Masters in The Dojo's - LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS!

The Dojo Tournament Winners - Season Nine
ImageImageImage Image ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Season 2 Tribbles Champs!

This Month In Online Organized Play!
This Month's 1e Event
Pre-Reg here!

This Month's 2e Event
Pre-Reg here!

Special thanks to BCSWowbagger for the introduction featured at the top of this page!

Question, comments or suggestions? PM The Ancient One - bosskamiura today!

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By bosskamiura (Thomas Kamiura)
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Four Or Less Players (Per Event):
1st Place -- 5k GPL
2nd Place -- 3k GPL
Participation Prize -- 500 GPL

Five To Eight Players (Per Event):
1st Place -- 10k GPL
2nd Place -- 6k GPL
3rd Place -- 3k GPL
Participation Prize -- 1k GPL

Nine Or More Players (Per Event):
1st Place -- 15k GPL
2nd Place -- 9k GPL
3rd Place -- 6k GPL
4th Place -- 3k GPL
Participation Prize -- 1.5k GPL

Each 1st Place Player will also receive the role of @2022 World Champions!

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By bosskamiura (Thomas Kamiura)
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Welcome, to all men and women with thirst for glory in their hearts! Welcome, to the 130th tournament held within this sacred Dojo!

This tournament will be 4 rounds.

• Daniel Giddings, Danny-san VS Sebastian Kirstein, Caretaker's Guest-sama
• Steve Nelson, Boratus-kun VS Michael Van Breemen, The Ninja Scot-sama
• Jon Carter, Pfti-sama VS Giorgio Velasco, Kaiten619-san
• Benjamin Rostoker, Gorgo Primus-san VS Christopher Jansa, Psionic Hobo-san
• Benjamin Liebach, Monty42-kun VS Alexander Schmitz, Tykajada-san

BYE Adam Bargar, Abargar7510-san

Please help me to honor The Ancient One and The Dojo, by having your results submitted no later than Monday, July 11th.

Play, and play to win!

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By Danny (Daniel Giddings)
 - Gamma Quadrant
2E British National Runner-Up 2021
Boratus wrote: Fri Jul 08, 2022 8:09 pm I manage a 55-35 full win. Yes, it’s a FULL win!

But how?

So with the OTF to Modern update, I'm having an […]

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I got the FW against Tjark 100-65