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It's Wednesday! We're more than halfway through the week. Since we are over the hump, let's look at a question!

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Last week, I went through the first steps of a playtest with a deck, specifically the Bajoran Beginner Deck with the new cards from The Menagerie. I got to a point where I could attempt a mission and asked you to select some dilemmas for me to face. Let's see how it turned out!

I'll go through each attempt letting you know what happens. For consistency sake, I've selected a random order for the personnel and will just go down the list as personnel get stopped. Also, I am playing Ascension to get another personnel for the attempt.

Going down the list, I'll start out with @theninjascot who gave me a whopping eight combos!
"Rapid Progress", Counterinsurgency Program, Infinite Diversity - Name Astrometrics
No Astrometrics, full stop!
The Vedek Assembly Vessel had a printed rage of 6 but I can boost it with a Pryler, Vedek and Kai to pass! Unfortunately, I only have two of those and no means to get the third. Full stop.
Arresting Display
No Medical or means to obtain. Full stop.
Any Methods Necessary
Telepathy or Intelligence in a Bajoran Deck? Weld Ram is put in your brig and full stop.
Gorgon - depending on what's in my hand
If you hand has a card with five or more, that's a full stop. Otherwise, it's a solve!
Nothing to Lose
No Acquisition or Holograms. Full Stop.
Once More Unto the Breach, Tactical Disadvantage (depending on the deck I'm playing)
Presuming you'll play this with decent ships, I have shields of seven (with the boost) along with no ships in my hand. More than likely full stop.
Slightly Overbooked - depending on what missions I have
Presuming your are not overcosted, Five personnel make it through! Unfortunately, none of them have Science so while I pass the dilemma, I do not complete the mission.

From @jadziadax8
The Dal'Rok
But not for Kavis Alpha, Research Binary Star, I would have a way to make my wat through this.
Occupational Hazards
I can't get past either of those. Full stop.

Finally, @abargar7510 gives me:
Chula: Unfortunate Roll
V'ger is not a problem but Chula: Unfortunate Roll is with stopping three personnel.

So those are full stops that I could not get through. I have Benjamin Sisko, Corporeal Intercessor but could not finagle my way through. With a different personnel in my discard pile I would have had a chance with Kassidy Yates, Resolute Bride. What do you think? With one to three dilemmas under the mission, do you think I get it next turn?

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