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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
 - Delta Quadrant
enabrantain wrote: Sun Mar 26, 2023 7:36 pm Another boutique set could be "Happy First Contact Day". [NA] Versions of the incognito First Contact crew members that can report to 2063, dual card of Lilly and Zeph. Some new [1E-Int] , [1E-S] , [D] , [Dual] , [Obj] , [1E-Evt] , [Art] etc. from the 2063 Earth scenes in the movie. And perhaps some [MQ] from Enterprise's version of those events.
 - Beta Quadrant
Another idea I had for a boutique set from First Contact would be a :borg: set and could feature implant cards like eye pieces, armor, and arm attachments as equipment cards. Some drones in the set could be partially assimilated crewmen like Hawk. They could provide unique skills to the collective since they are still in the process of being repurposed as drones. Greed, Music, Honor, Leadership, Diplomacy, Barbering, Officer... Lots of room here for creative licensing IMO.

We're still missing [CF] equipment cards. Do we really need it? No. Will it give the [CF] block more flavor and individuality, I think so. Food for thought.
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By WeAreBack
 - Beta Quadrant
A few "defiant survivors" would be nice. Still no card for the helmsman played by Adam Scott -- his voice is instantly recognizable during his brief bit of dialogue about main power failing and then he get's to say "It's the Enterprise, sir!"

There's no reason that a few of the crew members seen in sickbay (where survivors would logically be), fighting the Borg, or even on the surface could not be identified as crew members of the defiant. Footage from DS9 could even be used in a pinch, with a DS9 oproperty logo and lore to the effect of. "Fought the Borg at Battle of Sector 001 on U.S.S. Defiant 2373."

The trick would be to give them all a bonus icon -- a printed [1E-DS9] if they have a first contact logo and a first contact icon if they have a DS9 property logo.
 - Beta Quadrant
Insurrection could use a few boutique sets... or even one large set.

Part I: Could focus on the Diplomatic function at the start of the movie. Give us most of the bridge crew, the Type 11 Shuttle.

Part 2: The Baku, duckblind mission. Mission Scout Ship. HMS Pinafore, stealth suits.

Part 3: The Son'a, the holoship and the Insurection. Maybe [EE] are counted as Baku and become [NA] , but can't work with Son'a. We're still missing most of the Son'a henchmen. The captain's yatch, Cousteau could show up in a set like this.

Oh, and just to be clear, I'm just trying to play the muse here. Helps get this stuff out of my mind for a bit. Maybe if I'm really lucky it will put it on the CC's. :cheersL: :cheersR:

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