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By DataNoh
 - Beta Quadrant
ibbles  Trek Masters Tribbles Champion 2023
For example, say I fail Cardassian Processing and my opponent has no crew/Away Team present. Does the dilemma get used as a trap card for the captive? Does it go back under the mission to be encountered again? Or does it have to stay out as the trap card?
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By Commander Joe (Joe Kallstrom)
 - Beta Quadrant
From the Dilemma Resolution Guide.

Unless Diplomacy, Honor, Transporter Skill, and CUNNING>30 OR Law, SECURITY, and STRENGTH>40, one personnel is captured (random

If Away Team/crew meets conditions (Diplomacy, Honor, Transporter Skill, and CUNNING>30 OR Law, Security and STRENGTH>40), discard dilemma; mission continues.

Otherwise, randomly select a personnel to be captured. If present, opponent's crew or Away Team at same location takes custody of captive. Away Team/ship and crew are stopped; replace dilemma under mission to be encountered again.

Otherwise, place dilemma on captive as a “trap” card and place captive on opponent's side of the spaceline (discard dilemma if opponent takes custody of captive). Away Team/ship and crew are stopped.
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By Takket
 - Delta Quadrant
For purposes of a card like Stratagem, is a personnel “opponent’s captive” if they are only held by a trap card? Or does someone not actually become a captive until they are “taken into custody”?

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