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By Cersan
 - Beta Quadrant
2E Russian National Second Runner-Up 2016
This year Second edition regional will take place as usual at Oleg's House on 6th of April.
We will play Draft this year.
Full rules of the event are comming later. But feel free to pre-register today, cause it will be fun!
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By Elfwine (Oleg Ryzhikov)
 - Ambassador
2E Russian National Runner-Up 2016
That was a great weekend! Both tournaments were a huge success, I had a ton of intense games, and I'm very happy to be Delphic Expanse regional champion second time in a row!

Many thanks to Cersan for devising this original draft format and a very smooth-running event. I very much hope we'll play draft at our national this autumn, maybe as side-event.

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