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By rsutton41 (Ryan Sutton)
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Welcome to the Qo'noS Regional Forum Discussion Thread -

Come try your luck as Players from 4 states converge in this Regional 1E Showdown.

Multiple Side Events are planned for this weekend - As Side Events are determined I will post them here.

Qo'noS Regional 2014
1E Constructed OTF
Entry Fee: Free
Start Time: 1PM

Event Venue -

The Sutton Shanty
514 Second Norway Lane
Oliver Springs, TN 37840

If you have any questions or plan on attending please call 865.803.7945 or PM me.

Happy Hunting !
Ryan Sutton
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By rsutton41 (Ryan Sutton)
 - Ambassador
Mega Regional Weekend !!!!!!!

There are 3 side events for the Qo'noS Regional ! - All free to play in ! - Starting at 7pm Friday night there will be a OTSD with a twist tournament followed by a Voyager Warp Speed Event with Voyager , MM, and RoA Packs to Supplement. Our OTF Regional will be held Saturday morning followed by another Voyager Warp Speed Event with a draft and packs to supplement !

STCCG at its best !!!!!!
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