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Director of Second Edition
By tjark
 - Director of Second Edition
2E World Quarter-Finalist 2023
2E European Continental Quarter-Finalist 2023
2E German National Second Runner-Up 2022
2E Vandros IV Regional Champion 2023
The TR Regional for the Rhein/Main area will take place on Saturday, June 14th, 2015 at

Odd`s Inn
St.-Josef-Straße 29,
56068 Koblenz,


standard rules, constructed, complete card pool.

Prizes for all players, including a Regionals promo for the top spots, current tournament foils, buttons.

Coming from north:

GoStraight A61
LeaveMotorwayRightLane Abfahrt 37 Frankfurt a.M./Koblenz A48
LeaveMotorwayRightLane Abfahrt 10 Koblenz-Nord/Ko.-Zentrum B9
leftFork (B9) Boppard/Montabaur/Rheinbrücken/Krankenhaus Ev. Stift Brüderkrh.
leftFork (B49) in Richtung Montabaur/Pfaffendorfer Brücke/Krankenhaus Ev. Stift Brüderkrh.
QuiteRight Hohenzollernstraße
QuiteRight Sankt-Josef-Straße.

Coming from south:

GoStraight A61
LeaveMotorwayRightLane Abfahrt 40 Koblenz-Mitte/Waldesch B327.
rightFork B9 Bonn/Boppard/Koblenz.
rightFork Boppard/KO-Oberwerth/Krankenhaus Ev. Stift.
rightFork Mainzer Straße KO-Oberwerth/Krankenhaus Ev.-Stift.
QuiteLeft Schützenhof.
QuiteLeft Sankt-Josef-Straße.

Coming by train:
Use map attached - 5 minutes from Station/Bahnhofplatz to St.-Josef-Str.
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