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Writing Team Manager
By OKCoyote (Daniel Matteson)
 - Writing Team Manager
The Space Coast of Florida is proud to present our seventh annual First Edition Regional Championship on Saturday, June 2nd, in West Melbourne.

This year's First Edition tournament will be an OTSD+ Sealed Deck event with Open rules. Players receive an OTSD box and a number of additional booster packs (probably Reflections). Entry fee is $8 per person. Non-Regional Tribbles will follow after the 1E event, with free entry.

In addition to the regional promos and normal extensive prize support (including a few surprises), there will be gift certificates to Get Your Fun On (our game store venue). For First Edition, the winner and one random player will receive a $20 certificate.

Previous First Edition winners:
2012 Sean O'Reilly
2013 Thomas Kamiura
2014 Alex Taylor
2015 Daniel Matteson
2016 Sean O'Reilly
2017 Rick Kinney
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