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By rferries
 - Beta Quadrant
The Trek CCG recognizes that the Borg are a totally alien race, so hostile that they can't ally with other races (see: Unicomplex) or even benefit from cards like Profound Discovery, Think Tank Ship, The Inner Light, etc. Here are some cards to make them feel even more "alien", to the point of altering their win conditions.

n.b. These cards use some new game terms. "Capture" = place in your brig, "Assimilate" = "take command of". See this post for more Assimilation cards.

Also note that this archetype is antithetical to the [Bor] Dissidents; they would have an alternate headquarters ("Unicomplex, Unimatrix Zero" or "Nudios, Neural Cooperative" or "Lore's World, Rogue Borg Planet") with text along the lines of "You may play [Bor] Dissidents, [NA] Borg, [Bor] ships, [NA] ships, and equipment here. Your non-unique [Bor] personnel are Integrity +1." and would be able to ally with other affiliations.
[H] •Unicomplex, Perfected Metropolis
[DQ] 0
You may play [Bor] non-Dissident cards and equipment at this mission.
You cannot command another headquarters mission. You need 120 or more points to win the game. Whenever you win combat or an engagement, randomly select an opponent's personnel or unstaffed ship involved to capture (if it is a unique personnel) or assimilate (if it is an unstaffed ship or non-unique personnel).
"By assimilating other beings into our Collective, we are bringing them closer to perfection."
Borg Headquarters
Span 2
[Int] Nanoprobes
Assimilation. To play this interrupt you must command three Drones.
Order - Assimilate your captive and place them on your [Bor] ship. Shuffle this interrupt into your deck.
Order - Remove a dilemma or event in your core or on your mission from the game.
And to help you recycle the Assault/Maneouvre cards and interrupts that let you assimilate cards...
[Evt] 0 Resistance Is Futile
Assimilation. To play this event, you must command three Drones. Plays in your core. The first time each turn that you win combat or an engagement, you may shuffle an Assimilation card from your discard pile into your deck.
Assimilation Missions
The Borg are ultimately interested in assimilating entire species, and have a series of Assimilation missions that act as counterparts to the headquarters of each other affiliation.

For example:
[P] •Earth, Assimilate Humanity
[AQ] 50
Borg Queen, (Locutus or a personnel you do not own), Cunning>50 and Strength>50
Assimilation. Region: Sector 001. While you command Unicomplex, whenever a card you own would make an opponent lose command of an [E] , [Fed] , or [SF] card, assimilate it instead. You must command an [E] , [Fed] , or [SF] card to attempt this mission.
Earth: "You don't know what it's like in our universe. The Federation's gone! The Borg is everywhere! We're one of the last ships left. Please… you've got to help us!"
Span 2
And just in case you didn't build your deck with the Assimilation missions that match your opponent's headquarters...
[Int] Assimilate Species
Choose your Assimilation mission with no dilemmas beneath it. Replace it with an Assimilation mission from outside the game with the same title as an opponent's headquarters mission. (All cards that were at the replaced mission are placed in the same location at the new mission).
Order - Download an Assimilation card.
[Evt] 1 •Biological And Technological Distinctiveness
Assimilation. To play this event you must command three Drones. Plays in your core. Your assimilated personnel become [Bor] , gain Drone, and are Borg in addition to their printed species. Your assimilated ships become [Bor] . Your personnel and ships are attributes +1 for each different non-Borg species of personnel you command.
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