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Commander's Office specifies that it may not separate Ops from any other site, but it does not say that another site may not separate it from Ops. Historically, this meant that Commander's Office and Ops were always adjacent to each other, as they were the only sites in the Ops Module, but the introduction of Primary Turbolift muddles things a bit (at least to my pedantic brain).

Having watched DS9, the logical arrangement of sites on a nor is Commander's Office ==> Ops ==> Primary Turbolift ==> the rest of the nor, but I am wondering if this arrangement is mandated by game rules, or if Primary Turbolift can (or must, depending on the situation) be inserted between Commander's Office and Ops. The "back door" to the Commander's Office (occasionally used by Jake Sisko and Ezri Dax on screen) adds to my confusion.

Any insights are appreciated.

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I'd pay more attention to the line before the parens - Commander's Office has to be the innermost site. The tag inside is just clarification.

So you can have Office - Ops - Turbolift or Office - Turbolist - Ops.
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patrick wrote: Thu May 27, 2021 8:25 am
Mr.Sloan wrote: Thu May 27, 2021 8:15 am Have no answer here, but related to the other thread... since walking on nors is now unlimited, can the rule of how to arrange sites be deleted by now?
There are some cards that care about "adjacent site": Bajoran Shrine, Ore Processing Unit, ... on the Station.
Correct. Cards that blow them up can have a huge impact what's "next" to it.

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