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By BCSWowbagger (James Heaney)
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It's a bit late in the day because I forgot to post I didn't want to steal the spotlight from our brand new reprint set, but it's time for your 1EFQ!

What is your best memory of The Motion Pictures expansion set?

This could be when you were opening the cards, a release tournament, a game you played ten years later where one of the cards caused something really fun, a trade you made... whatever! It just has to be associated with the TMP set.

For me, it was opening my box (after it finally arrived from Treasure Island Games, which sold them on eBay, after months of saving up), and realizing that these dilemmas were nothing to sneeze at. I didn't even get V'Ger and "God", the good rares, in my box -- but Subspace Shock Wave was awesome, and so was I Hate You.

Didn't get to play with them too much before the game died, but I didn't know that at the time, and looked forward to many adventures with these fellas.
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By KazonPADD (Paddy Tye)
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Rainbow tournament at London Worlds 2016. Admiralgary has 1 pack of TMP and he pulls a JTK. Amazing moment to see my friend that happy!
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By jadziadax8 (Maggie Geppert)
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I bought a couple of boxes in 2002 and managed to get a set (I think I had to trade for JTK), but I don’t think I ever played with any of the cards. My local play group had died by then due to a variety of factors. So the cards all immediately went into the binder and that was it.

My favorite memory of the set is a bit more recent. About a decade ago, I bought a box of TMP for $20 off the clearance shelf at my FLGS, then immediately turned it around on eBay for $200. Now I wish I’d held onto it longer.
By Klauser
 - Beta Quadrant
The release of TMP back in 2002 is a bittersweet memory.

At the time of the release, I was the local Ambassador and had an active local playgroup of about 8 regular members with another 4-6 occasional players. One of the local game stores sponsored our group and worked wi regularly with their distributors to get Decipher product into the store. We held a release party and tournament when TMP was released - and at the time we held a close second to the MtG group in size, purchasing and activity. We were starting to build in-roads with the local sci-fi fantasy clubs as well as other play groups in Texas.

Within a year all that had changed. Our local game store had closed down, Decipher made the call that they were focusing their new 2E line and support for 1E was going to taper off. My player base to a person felt betrayed by Decipher's position ... one was even planning on having a "burn your 1E cards" party.
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By Professor Scott (Mathew McCalpin)
 - Delta Quadrant
I have no real positive memories of TMP as I was buying by the case at the time, so completing the set including JTK and the DAs was academic. I guess the sad part was TMP was the last 1e Decipher STCCG product I bought during that era.

Decipher's biggest mistake, IMHO, was deciding that after advertising AGT that they would:

1) Sell it exclusively online
and worse yet
2) Not tell the distributors, so the collectors/buyers couldn't get it and didn't know why.

By the time the word was out, AGT was gone, and many players, myself included, had dumped our collections (some literally in the trash) as we knew we couldn't complete our collections.

I know some of that decision was based on declining sales and the embezzlement, but shame on you Decipher! The player's deserved better.
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By winterflames (Derek Marlar)
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I had some fun a few weeks back polluting the spaceline with Whale Probe and Nexus while Collecting Metaphasic Particles and Time Traveling with Whales on the Enterprise E. It was probably the most Motion Pictures cards I have had in a deck since the "Vulcans and Ship Skills" deck I played a while back.
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By eberlems
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I do recall ordering one display (the only one the shop ordered) at TMP release and then bought it. One player asked to buy 3 sealed boosters from me and I sold them. One of those had JTK in them.
That player was only playing [Bor] and asked a Locutus for JTK. Seemed a bit unfair but Locutus was what he wanted. Took me about a week to get a Locutus but then we traded.
 - Beta Quadrant
Before CC made [SF] , I used to build this deck with the Enterprise Collection, the Baku, the Son'a, and Zepham Cochran's 2063 gang (vulcans included)... ah the insanity....
 - Beta Quadrant
My first "Motion Pictures" moment came when "Alternate Universe" came out, and the new doorway card type was introduced. I immediately believed it would be the perfect card type to represent The Nexus from "Star Trek: Generations," since the Nexus would not only clearly need a lot of gametext, but represented a metaphorical "doorway" that the characters used to jump to any place in space in time when leaving.

I was greatly pleased when, many years later, my foresight was confirmed.

My second "Motion Pictures" moment came when "First Anthology" was released. Those six preview cards contained a lot of exciting prospects - in order of excitement, they included the new property logos, implying that the CCG would expand to cover "DS9" and "Voyager" (on air at the time), the dark purple Cardassian affiliation background and its logo, and the orange Ferengi affiliation background and its logo (especially exciting as it seemed less likely a choice for an affiliation at the time, given they were less of a "major power").

But most of all was that [CF] icon on Ensign Tuvok, which implied not only that Voyager would be included in the CCG universe, but that there would be a mechanic involving the late 23rd century film era, and consequently a large body of cards to justify supporting such a mechanic. Meaning, of course, that he was almost a preview within a preview, as it teased the possibility of Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise from my favorite era of all of Trek.

I had always dreamed of [CF] era cards back when the game first began, and now I knew they would be happening at some point!

Sadly, I didn't have any other "Motion Pictures" moments, as the game got far too expensive and consumer unfriendly by the time that expansion finally rolled around, so I had stopped playing and collecting. Alas, I could only enjoy those classic characters and lovely ship models from afar, looking at the images online.

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