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Section 31

Section 31 RSS Feed

A discussion of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game

Latest Episode: Episode 370 – Delta Blues

November 20, 2018

Episode 370 – Delta Blues (mp3) 2018.11.19 The agents share their initial thoughts on The Gift, and talk more nonsense about upcoming things. There’s a 2E Spoiler! Sir Dan – Dan Hamman Sir Rogue – Rogue Shindler Art Director – Johnny Holeva Special thanks to Captain Karl for his gracious permission to use music from […]

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Hindsight: A Design Reflection

Hindsight: A Design Reflection RSS Feed

Hindsight: A Design Reflection Podcast, will attempt to continue and complete the original goal of Hindsight. That goal was to analyze each expansion for both First Edition and Second Edition, from their first set through their most recent, through a modern designer's eye.

Latest Episode: 00: What is Hindsight?

February 5, 2016

Join your host, MidnightLich, as he explains the origin of Hindsight and how we'll proceed as we take a look at every First Edition and Second Edition ever made.

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Assimilate This!

Assimilate This! RSS Feed

A show primarily based around interviews with the players and personalities of Star Trek CCG. Hosted by Daniel Matteson (OKCoyote).

Latest Episode: Assimilate This! #17

June 4, 2015

Guest: Michael Moskop. Trek Masters: Chicago preview show! Includes discussion of Homefront VI and Block design.

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The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home RSS Feed

Host Corbin Johnson, inspired by Mark Rosewater's "Magic: The Gathering Drive to Work" podcast, uses his time to and from work to talk all things Star Trek CCG including 1E, 2E, Tribbles, deck types, favorite cards, his other podcasts, memories, and philosophy of Star Trek CCG.

Latest Episode: 1E Design 001 - The Experiment

June 21, 2014

design is pulling back the curtain in a bold new experiment. Listen in to see what this entails and hear what 1E design has in mind for Homefront 6! this is a chance for the community to share their thoughts on the future of 1E design.

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Road to Worlds: Regional Rundown

Road to Worlds: Regional Rundown RSS Feed

Daniel Matteson and Greg Dillon cover the Star Trek CCG Regional Championship season, talking about each event, looking at top decks, predicting the winners, and even interviewing the occasional guest.

Latest Episode: Regional Rundown Week #5

May 2, 2014

This week on the rundown, Daniel and Greg are joined by Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich) to discuss events in Germany, Denmark and Florida!

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Star Trek CCG: The Game Show

Star Trek CCG: The Game Show RSS Feed

Corbin Johnson (Corbinq27) hosts and Daniel Matteson (OkCoyote) announces a Game Show using trivia from the Star Trek CCG. Each episode two players battle it out for awesome prizes and awesome bragging rights including packs, rares and V-Foils. Each episode also features a fun fizzbin round between rounds where players compete for extra prizes.

Latest Episode: Episode 25:"From Cutest to Least Cutest"

February 23, 2014

Video: http://youtu.be/IYKuTHNhJMU SevenCrdSpud (Jason B.) faces off against The Ninja Scot (Michael V.B.) in a battle of 1E Trivia. Fizzbin: Lineup

Download Now (32:45; 36.24 MB)

An Hour with TCC

An Hour with TCC RSS Feed

Listen in as TCC Chairman Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich) talks with members of the community about all things Trek.

Latest Episode: 41: Design Schedule 2013-14

June 17, 2013

In a new style of "Editorial" podcast, Charlie talks about the upcoming projects for First Edition, Second Edition, and Tribbles. If you have comments on today's content or suggestions for future content, please email at continuingcommittee@gmail.com or call us at (914) 487-3522.

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Shakedown! RSS Feed

Corbin Johnson (Corbinq27) hosts and Daniel Matteson (OkCoyote) announces a Game Show using trivia exclusively from the Second Edition of the Star Trek CCG. Each episode four players work together to score as many points as they can but only one player can win. V-Foils, packs and rares are up for grabs on each show.

Latest Episode: Episode One- One For All!

December 12, 2012

Richard New(The Guardian), Matt Kirk (CaptMDKirk), Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot) and Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero) join me for our shakedown episode of Shakedown!

Download Now (46:15; 41.94 MB)