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Item #Item DescriptionQty AvailEntriesWinners
2203P Admiral Riker (Oversized)
Great Big Card
1  John Western
2211M1 Jean-Luc Picard (Explorer) (Oversized)
Great Big Card
1   Smiley
~18 Skill Badges, Icon Badges, and Tribble Badges
2  Jon Carter
Kris Sonsteby
2231VTP 10,000 Tribbles (Foil)
Regional Championship 2011
1  Kenneth Tufts
2242VTP 10,000 Tribbles (Rescue) (Foil)
Continental Championship 2011
1  Peter Hill
2253VTP 100,000 Tribbles (Discard) (AI Foil)
World Championship 2011
1  Richard DeLashmit
2264VTP 100 Tribbles (Battle) (Foil)
2011-2012 League Participation
1  Richard DeLashmit
22711VTP 100,000 Tribbles (Kill) (AO Foil)
Continental Championship 2013
1  Matthew Hayes
22860P Odo
White Border Preview
1  Kenneth Tufts
229Distortion of the Space/Time Continuum
Decipher Tournament Foil
1  Peter Hill
23014VP Rotational Damage Marker (Voyager)
Diffraction Foil Promo
1  Rogue Shindler
23144VP Starfleet Phaser Pistol (AI German)
2010 World Championship. Note: there is a line down the center as the foil paper changes phase.
1  Kenneth Tufts
23255VP Defiant Dedication Plaque (AI Foil)
2011 Regional Championship
1  J
23379VP Continuing Mission (AI Foil)
The Next Generation release Promo
1  J
23495VP Kamala (Foil)
The Sky's the Limit Release Promo
1  Kenneth Tufts
23596VP Khan (AI Foil)
Continental Championship 2013
1  Richard DeLashmit
2360D23 Arridor ("Great Sage") (Foil)
Decipher Promo Foil
1  Chris Volk
2370P31 Seven of Nine (Rep of the Hive) (Foil)
DecipherCon 2005
1  Kenneth Tufts
2380P36 Desperate Sacrifice (Foil)
Decipher Promo Foil
1  Michael Shea
2390P74 Gowron, Leader of the High Council
Decipher Promo Foil
1  Daniel Matteson
2400P82 Earth, Lush and Beautiful Home (Foil)
Decipher Promo Foil
1  Matthew Zinno
2410VP87 Surprise Party (Foil)
Birthday Promo
1  Chris Volk
242Tournament Promo Series VIII
Set of 9 Promos: Back To Basics through Knowledge and Experience
1  Martin Drake
2430VP122 A Sight for Sore Eyes (AI Foil)
World Championship 2012
1  Markus Eberlein
2440VP125 The Play's the Thing (AI Foil)
Matter of Time Release Promo
1  Chris Volk
2450VP139 Artificial Ability (AI Foil)
Unnatural Selection Release Promo
2  Michael Shea
Michael Shea
24669VP The Pendari Champion
2011/2012 League Promo (Foil)
1  Roxanne Barbour
2471E Kivas Fajo - Collector (Foil)
Decipher Promo Foil
1  Amber Van Breemen
24857VP Surprise Party (Foil)
Birthday Promo (1E)
1  J
2490P72 Dukat (Military Advisor) (Foil)
Tournament Director Exclusive
1  Thomas Schneider
2500VP152 Lore (The One) (AI Foil)
World Championship 2014
1  Rich Joakimson
2510VP164 The Weak Will Perish (AI Foil)
Balance of Terror September 2014
1  Tigh Bradley
2528VTP 100,000 Tribbles (Clone) (AI Foil)
World Championship 2012
1  Jonathan
25312VTP 100,000 Tribbles (Replay) (AI Foil)
World Championship 2013
1  Amber Van Breemen
25416VTP 100,000 Tribbles (Freeze) (AI Foil)
World Championship 2014
1  Andrew Mark Alcock