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Welcome to The Promenade! This is where you can come to place a request to receive all the great things the Continuing Committee produces for the community to enjoy. All the items here are free and freely given away to anyone. We only ask that you pay a reasonable shipping and handling charge.
In addition to being able to request items from us, you're able to make donations to help keep the website running. This money is used primarily to pay server costs and other bills, with any extra being used to support high level tournament play with special prizes for our players. There are two ways that you're able to donate money to the website. You can either make a one-time donation for any value you like, or you can donate a fixed amount for a premium subscription. Both of these options are presented below.

Your Donation will help keep the website running, and enable us to provide prize support for major tournaments. In return for your donation, you will receive one of the two badges displayed to the left (depending on your premium status)

Premium Subscription

    Your Premium Subscription will give you access to:
  • Enhanced Deckbuilder
  • An enhanced deckbuilder that allows various filtering of the cardlists to make it easier and faster to slap together a deck.
  • Enhanced Deck Management
  • Allows you to keep your decks organized by grouping them into folders.
  • Personal Affiliation Statistics
  • You can see at a glance which affiliations you have the best win/loss record with, and which opponents perform best against your decks.
  • Enhanced Head-to-Head Statistics
  • A single-page summary of how well you perform against your biggest rivals, which of your decks beat which of theirs, and your comparative tournament rankings.
  • Do-it-yourself Boxtops
  • Custom-made boxtops, mixing and matching any combination of icons. Also, insert a label onto the box including your name, the name of the deck, and any tournament badges earned. Never worry about getting a deck mixed up with others during the deck checks, and proudly show off past achievements.
  • Compare Tradelists
  • Compare your have and wantlists with those of other users all at once.
  • Black Border Badges
  • Only members with a Premium Subscription are able to earn a Black Border (limited edition) badge, as a status symbol.

International Shipping
Shipping and Handling:$10.00
This item must be added to international orders. One per order.

Parek Playset
Shipping and Handling:$4.00
A play set (3 copies) of the missing card from These Are the Voyages, Parek (Privileged Legate) foils.

Tragic Turn Playset
Shipping and Handling:$8.00
A play set (3 copies) of 0D21 Tragic Turn foils.

2023 2E Regional Processing Fee
This item is currently out of stock.
Keep checking back incase further stock is made available.
Application Fee for a 2023 Second Edition Regional. This fee is fully refundable in the event the tournament cannot be scheduled. A $5 prize kit will be made available at a later date.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a pass which will allow you to purchase other items. When you order this nothing will ship to you, but it will make you eligible to purchase one of the following tournament kits
This can currently be used on the following item(s):
You currently have 0 of these passes available for kit requisitions.