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Region HQ
Welcome to the Region HQ. Find all your Regional information here.

Australia and Oceania


1: Briar Patch: Northern Territory and Queensland.

17: Neural: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

19: Deep Space Station K-7: South Australia and Western Australia.

20: Kazon Collective: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, New Zealand, Tasmania and Victoria.



2: Omarion Nebula: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom.

3: New Bajor: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

4: Vandros IV: Germany and Poland.

5: Borg Region: Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia.

21: Delphic Expanse: Russia.

North America

North America

6: Breen: Alaska, Northwest Territories, Nuvanut and Yukon Territory.

7: Ferenginar: British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

8: Rura Penthe: Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

9: Risa: California, Hawaii and Nevada.

10: Vulcan: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

11: The Void: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

12: Qo'noS: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Ontario and Tennessee.

13: Deep Space 9: Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

14: Sector 001: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

15: Cardassia: Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

16: Romulus: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Newfoundland and Labradour, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Rhode Island and Vermont.

18: Andoria: Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Everywhere Else

0: The Neutral Zone: Afghanistan, Argentina, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Haiti, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.