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In November of 1994, a small customizable card game based on Star Trek hit the market, and one of the greatest communities of gamers started to take shape. Fifteen years and two editions later, we are proud to continue the traditions and maintain the close-knit community that you helped to create.

The Continuing Committee (the Players' Committee of the Star Trek CCGs) is proud to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the game that you helped support. We work diligently and daily to ensure the games continue, have the support they need, and see their communities grow.

Not only have we had success at continuing the games' organized play programs, but we have expanded and enhanced the high-level play experience. A team of volunteers works diligently all year long to ensure the best experiences for our community of gamers. The 2009 World Championships drew more players than the 2008 World Championships did (31 and 29, respectively), and we successfully conducted demonstrations of both editions of the game to over forty (40) players at GenCon 2009.

We are dedicated to expanding the game via our virtual card program, rewarding our players with new alternate image promos, and maintaining the health of the community that you helped to create.

We invite you to see all of the messages of thanks, and the digital signatures on this letter, at In addition, we invite you to rejoin our community via that website, and see the success we have had in continuing the legacy.

For all you have done for these games and this community, you have our sincerest thanks. Though but one name is signed below, please know that you have the gratitude and appreciation of hundreds of gamers and Star Trek fans all across the globe.

Live long and prosper,

Charles R. Plaine
Chairman, The Continuing Committee