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2023-12-01 - 12:00 AM
1E Sealed tournament - 2023 Online Event (Mission to Talos IV)
# of Rounds:4
Entry Fee:
Format:Sealed - Players are provided with cards to build a deck at the event.
Card Pool:Limited - A subset of all cards, as determined by the tournament director
Rules:Modern - The preferred rules for all [1E] events.
Special Scenario: -
Decklist Required:N
Pre-registration Required:N
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Location and Contact Information
Tournament Director: Brian Sykes
Contact Phone #: Please login to view contact information.
Contact Email: Please login to view contact information.
Host Venue: Online
Address: www.trekcc.org
Other Information: Event #9 of the 2023 Return to Talos IV Tournament Series

Rainbow Sealed OTF!

Each Player will receive one Starter Deck II, one Voyager Starter, and one of every expansion pack in the Lackey deckbuilder. The following special rules apply:

-Ignore all quadrant icons on missions, facilities, ships, and personnel; every game will have one 12-mission alpha quadrant spaceline and all personnel, facilities, and ships will be considered native to that quadrant

-Ignore all [AU] and [Holo] icons when reporting personnel and ships, and seeding dilemmas. All personnel can report, and be killed (Though using those icons applies in other contexts e.g., staffing a ship). All dilemmas may be seeded.

-All personnel, ships, and facilities that a player has in play will be considered compatible with each other.

This should allow for some fun and interesting combinations!

Lackey and an agreed-upon form of communication (generally Skype) required.

Please pre-register before the event date. I will generate card pools for everyone registered in Lackey and send them out on that day. Round 1 will have a 2 week timeframe, to include a week for deckbuilding. All subsequent rounds will run for 1 week. If we get more than 8 players, we will add a 4th round. If we get more than 16 players, we will add a 5th round!
Tournament Results
Player NameVPsSoSDiff.CVP
Tournament Winner1FederationVidiianMatthew Pennaz 16Take No Prisoners
2Thomas V 1342
3VidiianKris Sonsteby 1336Your Mom Wants to be 38... Lets Not Mention it Again
4RomulanMathew McCalpin 13332002023 Rainbow
Random Prize5FederationBrian Sykes 133395RainbowSealed2023.txt
6Maggie Geppert 1036
7FederationJoseph Wisniewski 1035Rainbow Sealed Talos IV
8Paddy Tye 1033
9KlingonRomulanRichard Engler 10322023RainbowSealed_EnglerDeck2-1.txt
10Chris Lund 1026
11DominionJarrod Cafaro 92023_Talos_Rainbow_Sealed.txt
12Edwin Latrell 627
Random Prize13James Monsebroten 623
14Brad W 619
15VidiianBrad Snyder 4You cant. always get. what you want