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Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-04-23 - 07:30 PM
MaquisVintage Zongleberry
I played an old Maquis stalling deck that's not yet updated to adjust to the latest set. It's basically Tyler's Worlds Day 1 deck.

Round 1Nicholas YankovecMW (+5)View opponent's Report
It's been a long time since I've played Nick. His Equinox deck meant that I was unable to use the Defiant to both go attempt missions/load up more personnel and bounce two cards each turn, one of the core mechanics of this deck. Since I couldn't draw into another ship for quite some time, I grudgingly flew my ship back to the Alpha Quadrant and started doing missions.
Since Nick had no headquarters, NA Bashir (one of the key personnel for Aid Legendary Civilization abuse) would have cost me more, while Nick would have been able to bounce his own, cheap copy, effectively denying another central mechanic of the deck.
However, the dilemmas didn't let me down, and I was able to stall Nick for quite some time, and by sheer luck played a Biogenic Weapon on Battle Reconnaissance after he had switched to there when a Clown: Go Away had driven him from Inversion Mystery - the one mission he ended up completing before time was called.
Nick's own dilemmas were no less effective, though, and I was unable to get more than a single mission done myself. In the end, I won by a mere 5 points.
Danish Fun Fact #4: Nick was the first person I ever beat in a STCCG tournament, though I'm convinced he only let me win so as not to scare a potential new player off right away. His cunning plan worked. This was back in London, England, which is in the same Trek Region as Denmark.

Round 2VoyagerSoren Ramme NielsenFL (+60)View opponent's Report
This time Soren played a Voyager deck with a ridiculous number of cheap events that helped him support his dilemma pile, making things like Whisper or Chalupa Infection cost -15.
As in the game before, his Delta missions nullified the card advantage I normally expect to have thanks to the Defiant and ALC, but since it took a while until I found my annoying stall cards, I was forced to try and attempt missions, which was a bad idea, since I didn't have enough Medical in play to use Genetronic Treatment.
Soren also discarded my Biogenic Weapon with a Dreamer, and killed too many personnel with his dilemma magic to give a realistic chance at winning this game, so I had to be content with eventually completing one mission only, and bouncing the odd personnel here or there, but thanks to Energize Soren slowly but steadily built a crew that was big enough to complete his 40-point missions.
Danish Fun Fact #53: If you manage to pick Syrran three times with Hard Time on three consecutive mission attempts, Soren lets you score 5 points. (But only if your other dilemmas stop his Shran each time as well.)

Round 3Terok NorPeter H. MøllerFW (+45)
Finally, a deck with Alpha Quadrant missions! This time, the deck really worked as it should. I had the Defiant staffed early on, had enough Federation Maquis personnel to use Stalling for Time, and used it on my third turn to bounce Weyoun back to hand. Of course, Peter played him again next turn, downloading another Ruling Council.
After a cold stop with a lone Gomtuu on Peter's first attempt at Kressari, stopped him with a Swashbuckler at Heart + Dreamer and the Dream + stopper, leaving him just short of completing the mission with exactly 30 Strength. He had to discard all three copies of Ruling Council, and I was confident that he would have to do three missions now.
On my turn, I actually passed a Gomtuu with 33 Integrity, thanks to Chakotay's bonus, but couldn't complete the mission since a mission skill had been Hard Timed.
Thanks to Damar, Peter completed Kressari after two more tries, scoring 55 in total there and moving on to Deliver Prisoners, but after another Caretaker's Guests/You Vant to Come Back? combo, the game was done: On my turn, I completed Aid Legendary Civilization, bouncing 8 total cost under. That was enough to send every single personnel Peter had left in play to the bottom of his deck, and I didn't even need to use the All-Out War I had player earlier to kill more guys before I completed Rescue Prisoners for the win.
Danish Fun Fact #69: With this win against Peter, I not only avenged my loss to him in the Regional before, but also managed to leave this tournament with only a ratings point loss of -4, which exactly negates the 4 points I gained in the Regional. I dare say I was a good guest and didn't "steal" any ratings points away from our fantastic hosts - we love them, we adore them, and they smell of newly-mown grass!