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Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser)
Tournament Report - 1E - Vandros IV Regional
2014-05-17 - 10:45 AM
I went with a modified version of the currently popular TOS/HQ/BRC build that suffered a bit from the changes I made. I debated long whether to use the whales, and if yes, whether to seed them or put the Institute in as card play...

Round 1BajoranFederationAndreas LimmerMW (+25)View opponent's Report
An early Cartwright to blow up his Fed/Bajoran treaty gave me a good start. I made good progress through his Dyson Sphere-enhanced combos and cleared two missions, but Andreas stalled me a bit with Transporter Phobias. V'Ger destroyed his Enterprise-E, Andreas still managed to do two missions, though. When time was called, I had Earth cleared for the win, but another Phobia kept me from beaming down enough attributes for the FW.

What happened to the whales? - They got hit by Thine Own Self before they could be saved.

Round 2StarfleetMark NapierFW (+70)View opponent's Report
Mark had a Starfleet deck with some nice 2E tech to keep his hand empty. This also meant he had D'vela to generate skills out of nowhere. He had the better start, killing two Diplomacy guys with a SoG-enhanced Zaldan, and completed Save Stranded Crew to take the lead. With a ship full of quality guys, he went to space, where a combo ending in V'Ger destroyed the ship and set him back to only a few personnel in play. Once I had drawn into the 2 Diplomacy to pass Shaka, I completed Siege of AR-558, then cleared a space mission dilemma combo ending in Gomtuu a turn later for the full win.

What happened to the whales? - They spent the entire game swimming happily in the sea in 1986.

Round 3Non-AlignedHirogenMeinhard S. RohrFL (-35)
I had had a look at Stefan's Hirogen deck he has used the weekend before, and knew it would be extremely fast. I cleared the Siege down to Medical Crisis on my first attempt, but a 50/50 random selection gone wrong prevented the solve that turn. Unfortunately, Stefan destroyed my treaty on his next turn, so it took me two turns to get the right Fed-only crew there to solve for 50 points. Meanwhile, Stefan had made good progress through his missions and solved one. Myself, I ran into Friendly Fire with my Bajorans (still no Treaty, so couldn't bring in 2E Thomas Riker to cheat around it), and tried another mission where I ran into a big Linguistic Legerdemain countdown. With some help from Cytherians, Stefan hit 140 a turn before the FF would have run out and let me reach 100. The game was a lot closer than I had feared, so nothing to complain here.

What happened to the whales? - They were rescued and would have made the difference if I had managed to avoid either the FF or LL countdown.

Closing Thoughts
I played a game against Peter's TNG CM Fed deck with androids afterwards. Despite a bad spaceline (Earth shared deep in Peter's territory), again, V'Ger kept me in the game. It destroyed a ship, and double Flapjacks kept Peter's skill spread down, which gave me enough time to complete two missions for the win, using pretty much every bonus point source I had (File Mission Report, Kira Taban, Whales, Mission specialists) to get to 100 despite solving my two lowest-point missions.

What happened to the whales? - They were rescued and had a party with all my Admirals.

Going 2-1 (3-1 with the bonus game) for the day was better than I had expected. Thanks everyone for coming and the great games!