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Unjustly Banned (RedDwarf)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2012-03-04 - 07:00 PM
CardassianCapture the Groumall [v1]
Following the abject failure of my Bajoran deck in the Danish Nationals, I switched to the other deck I had brought with me for the second tournament. It was a Cardassian Groumall solver, and was undefeated in two tournaments.

Round 1BorgSoren Ramme NielsenFL (-70)View opponent's Report
Despite someone saying that the first round would consist of pairings that hadn't happened in the earlier tournament, I landed Soren again. Turns out Will made the pairings. Git.

Soren was playing a Borg Dissident deck. I'd faced a version of this deck before and knew what to expect. Unfortunately, my deck just conspired against me. After a couple of turns, my hand consisted of 2xTacking into the Wind, 2x Ensnared and 3xThe Central Command. I didn't want to discard any of those cards, so I was playing maybe one personnel a turn. With hindsight (and more sleep the night before), I would have pitched some of them just to get the deck working quicker, but I didn't.

At Soren's first mission attempt I made yet another mistake (I'd lost count of how many mistakes I had made by this point). Thinking that most of his Borg had 5-5-5 attributes, I threw Armed Search Party at his team; only to be shown that Seven of Nine was enhancing everyone, and nobody was to be captured. The following turn, I captured Seven and B'Elanna with Ensnared and then proceeded to my first mission with the intention of using at least one Central Command to free up some space in my hand. I ended up using two, to get around Agonizing Encounter and then Unfair Comparison and took the mission to even things up.

We stalled each other for a few turns at our second missions, but then I had another brain fart. Forgetting that Janeway had Diplomacy, I tried playing Blended as a one-stopper. Doh! Soren took the mission and then went on to complete his third mission and take the victory. My record against Soren now stands at 0-4.

FL: 30-100

Round 2BorgPeter H. MøllerFW (+30)
I hadn't even beaten Peter either, but we had only played one game before this tournament, so I was out to even the stats. Peer was playing a, wait for it..., Borg Dissident deck. Outstanding! Peter's deck was different to Soren's deck though. Peter was trying to use The New Resistance to chain play most of his deck in a single turn. He downloaded the event early on though, so I stayed at my headquarters a couple of extra turns to keep him at my pace. When Peter did eventually play The New Resistance, there was a non-personnel on top of his deck and it fizzled. After that, I destroyed it with Tacking into the Wind. He then played another copy, and I blew it up again.

While my own mission attempts were chugging along, Peter quickly worked his way through two missions. One of those was with a great deal of help from me. Being a capture deck, as soon as I saw Inequitable Exchange amongst the dilemmas I drew I wanted to play it. I forgot that I already had two captives though, so it wasn't as effective as I thought it would be. That also meant that the dilemma was cheaper than I thought and I could have played another dilemma with it. Sleep-deprived mistake #53 of the day.

Still, by the time Peter got to his third mission, my deck was in full swing. I had 7 captives, and was able to one-stop his attempts with Back to Basics or Broken Captive. A Central Command or two and some skill gaining from Garak/Dukat was enough to see me through my missions.

FW: 100-70

Round 3StarfleetJakob MadsenFW (+30)
Jakob was playing a minimum-sized Mirror Starfleet deck. Sadly for him, not something that plays well against Psychological Pressure. It took me a while to take a few captives though, but once I did, I was able to one-stop his mission attempts a number of times.

The play of the game happened on what would turn out to be my final attempt. Jakob gave me some of my own medicine and played Inequitable Exchange against me capturing Garak. That would normally mean that I had no way to gain any skill, so a Rogue Borg Ambush would have been enough to stop me. However, I had played Non-Aligned Dax and Bashir (which I don't normally do), and had Comfort Women in hand (something I normally discard when I draw it too early), and was able to have Parek gain a skill from Bashir, and in doing so, give him any skill of my choice.

I scraped the victory. We actually played out Jakob's next turn and he would have completed his third mission for the win, had I not won the game the turn beforehand. To borrow a phrase: Squeaky-bum time.

FW: 100-70