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Unjustly Banned (RedDwarf)
Tournament Report - 2E - Danish National
2013-04-21 - 10:00 AM
RomulanPew Pew Pew [v1.1]
To finish off my weekend of Danish humiliation, I used my Romulan ship destruction deck. It had taken me to second place at the recent UK Nationals, and I thought it would perform just as well in the Danish Nationals.

Not so much.

Round 1BorgMorten SandbergFL (-100)
Morten was playing his Big Borg deck. I stopped his first mission attempt in space but didn't draw a damage dilemma to place on his ship. At his second attempt, he played Bridge Officer's Test to get past Intimidation and completed the mission. He then cheated through his other two mission attempts and finished the game quickly. I made one mission attempt.

From now on, I'll use the phrase "I got Borged."

FL: 0-100

Round 2ByeBY (0)
Ate more cold pizza. This was the second most enjoyable hour of my day.

Round 3KlingonNicholas YankovecFL (-100)
Nick was playing his Klingon solver. I was set up and ready to blow him out of the sky, but he knew what was coming and did his best to avoid me. I killed personnel with multiple copies of Necessary Execution, but micro-attempts coupled with Gowron/Unrelenting preventing stops meant I couldn't hold him for long. He eventually completed both planet missions and ventured out into space. Even without his tricks (because the Gal Gath'thong had got rid of them all), he completed it first time. My dilemma draw sucked and he took the game. I made one mission attempt. However, if I could have blown up his ship, I could have won the game. The Gal Gath'thong had forced Nick to ditch a bunch of cards from hand and he had decked himself getting to his final mission. Ah, what it could have been...

FL: 0-100

Round 4TNGJakob MadsenFL (-95)
Jakob was playing his Loaded for Bear deck again. That meant he would only attempt two missions, and - given the time - would get two copies of Firestorm into play to get rid of my events. That wasn't good for my deck. I did make two mission attempts in this game, but dilemma failure meant I never had the chance to blow Jakob's ship up. I did get the Gal Gath'thong going after a few turns, but that was the highlight of this game for me. The 5 points came from Guinan.

FL: 5-100

Round 5KlingonTobias RausmannFL (-25)
I ended up playing against Tobias' Kligon High Council ship destruction deck in the final round. He got paired down quite a bit to face me. Sadly for me, I began the game with all three copies of the Prometheus in my opening hand. I had to discard one after a few turns and that let Tobias know what was coming. I did get the Gal Gath'thong out early, but Tobias download A Few Minor Difficulties (naming it) to stop me from using it even once. That left me needing points to blow it up and needing points to blow up Tobias' events with Quinn. The only way I could get them was through a mission attempt. After a while, Tobias formed two teams and flew out to his planet mission before flying his ship home and then attempting. I killed a few, but reinforcements over successive turns meant he completed it eventually. Tobias then just sat at his headquarters and waited for me to make a move. With my deck rapidly running out, I had to make a move. I knew I'd get massacred, but I had to do it. With my first attempt of nine personnel, Tobias used Endangered and Hindrance to draw/play +6 dilemmas. He killed all nine personnel. I then tried a smaller attempt of seven, but they all died too. All of them. It was a blood-bath. The game was basically over. I played the last few personnel in my hand, but they could do nothing. Tobias still wouldn't attempt his space mission though. I don't know what he thought I could do, but he just decked himself to take the win.

FL: 0-25

Closing Thoughts
Six mission attempts, and no ships blown up, in four games is not a good return for this deck.