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Unjustly Banned (RedDwarf)
Tournament Report - 2E
2013-04-19 - 08:00 PM
BorgDissident Killer
I didn't want to give away my biggest secrets at this impromptu warm-up tournament for the Danish Regional/Nationals, so I chose my Borg Dissident speed machine. The draw deck seems solid enough, its just the dilemma pile I was having trouble with. I'd dropped my Persistent dilemma pile, and had switched to a killer dilemma pile for this tournament.

Round 1TOSSoren Ramme NielsenFL (-30)
Soren was playing a TOS solver. He got out to a good start before me but The New Resistance caught me back up with a chain of 10 free personnel in one turn. Unfortunately, I was having trouble at my space mission where Hard Time and Gomtuu Shock Wave were slowing my progress considerably. My dilemma plays weren't helping either. My biggest issue was that I couldn't play Insurrection on Soren's missions (as it wasn't in my kill-only pile). That meant he usually could micro-attempt and complete after the first attempt at a mission. Soren was just too far ahead and won the game. I'd like to think I would have won the game on my next turn though.

FL: 70-100

Round 2DS9Non-AlignedNicholas YankovecFL (-30)View opponent's Report
Nick was playing his Thief deck. Sadly for me, this involved micro-attempts - something my kill dilemma pile couldn't handle very well. The report for this game could almost be a copy of the one above. Once again, my inability to play dilemmas gave Nick his missions pretty quickly. Even though I'd blown up Bustling with Activity, Nick had got one turn's use out of it. That let him get Galen out, so all his Thieves were attributes +1. He then got Pickpocket out for attributes +2 too. I couldn't do much about that as, by that point, the majority of my deck was personnel. I tried using the D'arsay Archive drone (not its real name) to shuffle my deck after Nick used The Caretaker's "Guests" to place a personnel on top of my deck, but it didn't make a difference. Nick eventually won the game, and I was one turn away from winning myself (again!)

FL: 70-100

Round 3RelativityPeter H. MøllerFW (+30)
Peter was playing his Relativity deck. I'd seen the deck list posted a few days earlier and knew Peter had paired the deck with his Tragic Turn/Bold Plan killer pile. Consequently, I didn't make an attempt until I had Laura and Locutus in play. Laura let me save a death or two and Locutus allowed me to stop personnel when a dilemma was revealed, so that I wouldn't have everyone massacred. Naturally, Peter was trying to kill Laura, naming Exobiology when a dilemma allowed him. Fortunately for me, I had taken the Evaluation Drone with me and could interlink Exobiology so that everyone had it. That saved Laura for a while. Peter did kill a bunch of my personnel at each mission attempt, but he was giving me so many dilemmas that I could compete the mission the next turn - especially given that The New Resistance was spewing replacement personnel out on most of my turns.

My dilemmas actually worked against Peter's deck. I was killing one or two personnel each time he attempted, and he never accumulated enough personnel to be able to double-team his missions. This was especially true when Peter completed Aid Legendary Civilization and stranded himself when he completed the mission. Putting four personnel under my deck didn't make much of a difference to me, as I was playing so many of htem for free each turn.

When it came down to my final attempt, Peter only had a few dilemmas remaining in his dilemma pile. I looked through the dilemmas I had already faced and named The Clown: Guillotine with the adaption drone (not its real name). Fortunately, that meant Peter had nothing to play and I took the mission for the win.

FW: 100-70

Closing Thoughts
I finished last at this tournament, yet my rating went up 1 point. That tells you how good my three fellow players were - or maybe it tells you just how bad I am now?