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William Hoskin (Gumbo)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-04-23 - 07:30 PM
Terok NorCris Summerberrys deck failed me again!!!
For this tournament I borrowed James's Terok Nor 2 mission win deck. After the failing of my Klingon deck I knew how this one worked and if I got lucky I could win a few games.

Round 1RomulanLoke AndersenFL (-30)
Round 1 against Loke was going fine until I hit a Tsiolkovsky and lost three people and I knew this could be a very long 3 round tournament. Loke was out and running hitting a couple of GUYS and a P&P then powershifting past a dilemma or two and solving his first mission, the second followed shortly and I was well behind. Luckily this deck comes from behind with a bang and using a ruling council I stagger back into the game. 40 bonus points from the first 30 point mission and I still had a ruling council in my hand. Unfortunately Loke was onto the third and final mission with points to burn and I had no answer. Full Loss but a lot closer then it looked with ten minutes to go.

Round 2StarfleetPeter van der HelmFW (+60)
Peter was playing a Starfleet Alternate universe deck but struggled to empty his hand so was not able to do a lot of the things he was relying on. I twice ran into reflections (8 au cards and only 1 interupt no events then 10 au cards and only 1 interupt and no events) followed by Where noone has gone before but Peter was attempting with 6/7 and the dilemma pile I was using excells at removing people from the attempt with out putting many dilemmas under the mission. After three attempt Peter had two dilemmas under and had to go back and pick up some more people and I had spent a couple of turns sitting on a dilemma and managed to get four dilemmas under. On My next turn I was able to burn a ruling council to unstop most of my people for another attempt and managed to get the mission done with a total of 35 bonus points and then I started at survey new world. After a Necessary execution killing off a much needed mission skill I had to use another Ruling council and threw in the three TN people that were waiting on the ship (with more mission skills) Peter tried to NE me again but i had some redundancy and I managed to complete the mission for the FW. A very interesting dilemma pile that I may have to borrow with a couple of updates.

Round 3Nicholas YankovecML (-10)View opponent's Report
We thought we had been lucky and avoided playing each other for the whole day, but our luck can't hold that long and the final round was between Nicks Eqinox deck and my (James's) TN deck. This matchup has been played a couple of times in London between Nick and James with Nick winning all of them so I was not looking forward to it. All I can remember if using Wayoun a couple of times to get rid of Rudolf Ransom and Miss Gilmore shortly after they were played and on the last turn with nothing between us (Nick had a planet and a space mission and I had 1 space missin and 35 bonus points). Nick was stopping me without putting may under on my final mission and i was doing the same with his and with three dilemmas under each time was called just after Nick (who went first) had started his turn giving us both the oppertunity to get a full win but Nick had the edge he was in front. Nick attemted and got 1 dilemma no Kill I and that was it for Nicks chances of a full win now he just had to stop me from getting a full win. I mad an attempt with six and from the look on nicks face I was in trouble.1 dilemma and I flipped it over to see the vault of tomorrow and my heart sank. out came a no Kill I and that was the game as i had no ruling councils and not enough people left to attempt again. Another very close enjoyable game and over all an awesome weekend so long as you don't count all of the losing results.