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Nicholas Yankovec (nickyank)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-04-23 - 07:30 PM
Kris Sostenbatty's Tribute Deck
This was the standard tournament following the Regionals. Eight very tired players; I had to get a decent result from this to regain some glory after losing 2-3 during the regionals. I thought I'd have another go with my Equinox deck.

Round 1MaquisJohannes KlarhauserML (-5)View opponent's Report
And, I get drawn against Johannes, with an annoying Maquis deck. This was a very frustrating deck, and a very frustrating result. I was having trouble drawing into any Diplomacy personnel for my first space mission, Inversion mystery. I tried a bluff attempt, and managed to get a couple of dilemmas under, but with cards being returned to my deck left and right, I just could not get the right personnel into play. I switched mission attempts, from Inversion Mystery to Battle Reconnaisance. After getting a few dilemmas under, Johannes Biogenic Weaponed this mission, but I had at last managed to get a Diplomacy into play. Johannes, meanwhile, had been attempting away, and we both very closely solved our first mission, taking the scores to 30-35, after about 50 minutes! If only Johannes had drawn into Biogenic Weapon earlier, and played it on Inversion Mystery I would have attempted the other space mission, bringing the score 35-35. But as we continued to play out the last few rounds, it was obvious Johannes could not get past my dilemmas, and I couldn't cope with his delaying tactics, so the score finished 30-35, ML. Damn you Johannes!!!

Round 2StarfleetMorten SandbergFW (+65)
My second game was against Morten, who I had played in the Regional - he was using the same Damaged Starfleet deck as before. While I had no counters in my deck to delay his bloody A Sight For Sore Eyes/At What Cost shenanigans, my deck was able to cheat my way past his dilemmas much more efficiently than his Starfleet deck in this game; Morton never got to use Archer's ability against my dilemmas, so he struggled. From what I could tell, his deck had lots of Interrupt/Event destruction from Grav Plating Trap and Lustful Distraction, but Archer was his main dilemma cheater. I did get to stop an entire mission attempt with An Issue of Trust, when he discovered he had no Honor or Treachery! Never managed that before :) In the end, Morten's deck was just slowed down by my dilemma selection to really get into the game. A good game, though, and with one win and one loss against this deck, I'd love to try playing it one more time. FW to me, can't remember the final score.

Round 3Terok NorWilliam HoskinMW (+10)View opponent's Report
Last game of the day, against Will, playing James Hoskin Terok Nor deck. It's a good, solid deck, 2 mission win with 2 very easy missions and a ton of bonus points. Kressari Rendevous is basically a 40-45 point mission when you discard 0 cost Hand Weapons for Strength >30. I'll let the designers off as it was released in the first expansion, but I think it's about time it was restricted somewhat, and I'd like to see that reduced to Bajoran weapons myself. Will completed this mission with 2 Hand Weapons, 2 Ruling Councils, and the Tenak'Talar for 70 points! However, for the third game in a row, my dilemmas did an awesome job (if I do say so myself) and Will could only complete the one mission before time was called - I was only on 65 points, but had completed a Space and Planet mission, so I got the MW, yay! I didn't finish too bad - had the same points as Johannes, but his MW against me saw me placed 3rd to his 2nd.