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Nicholas Yankovec (nickyank)
Tournament Report - 2E
2013-04-19 - 08:00 PM
DS9Non-AlignedPlunder ahoy!
The first tournament of the Great Danish Weekend... 3 days, 4 tournaments, some of the best and nicest gamers gathered together for a really great time! For the Friday evening tournament I played a Thieves deck, not an A game deck, but a fun one.

Round 1RelativityPeter H. MøllerFL (-95)
Ok, I was tired, and don't remember much about this tournament at all. This was the first time I had played against the Relativity deck, and I remembered I struggled with dilemmas against future Chakotay and Kirk OT. I never got Pickpocket going, and my Gatherers were just too attribute shy to complete without it.

Round 2BorgUnjustly BannedFW (+30)View opponent's Report
The one game in which Galen and Pickpocket got going and I micro teamed all missions for the full win. My dilemmas successfully held off the Dissident Borg quite well.

Round 3TOSSoren Ramme NielsenTT (0)
Soren was playing a TOS deck and the first of two True Ties we had this weekend. I can't even remember *anything* about this game!

Closing Thoughts
A good way to start the weekend. If only Thieves had a little something extra to help out their deck type.