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Soren Ramme Nielsen (s_ramme)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-04-23 - 07:30 PM
VoyagerThe K. Somestbongle Voyager Deck
We had had so much fun during the main event that a bunch of us were ready for even more STCCG when we were done. Luckily, Peter had foreseen that eventuality and had booked an exstra tournament in advance to make it sanctioned. I decided to go for the Euro Style achievement and chose to play my 80+ card voyager deck with a big ass TT pile.

Round 1StarfleetPeter van der HelmTT (0)
I didn't get to play Peter in the main event, so I was glad to play him in the exstra tournament. Peter was playing Starfleet, but the alternate universe version. I really like that deck and have played something similar, but it has it's flaws and not a good match-up for Peter with my TT pile with tons of event support. Our game actually started 10 minutes later than the other (because I had to get my deck sleeved). We planned to add that to the game, but forgot in the end. Furthermore, the game just went slow with long turns on both our sides and somehow the game ended with a true tie. I actually thought, that I'd get a modified win, but forgot that Peter scored 10 bonus points for solving a space mission first. I would have won for sure had we remembered to add the exstra 10 minutes as I was well on my way getting my second mission done and since Peter had very few personnel left in play and only a couple left in his draw deck. But that's all excuses. The numbers don't lie. TT 40-40.

Round 2MaquisJohannes KlarhauserFW (-60)View opponent's Report
And then Johannes (J) again. As always a fun game, but finally one that edged out in my favor. J was playing a Maquis deck similar to Tyler's build from Worlds. It's a super strong deck, but I had a couple of advantages. The main one was that I was all the way out in the delta quadrant preventing J from flying back and forth with the Defiant to make me put cards on top of my deck, while still attempting missions each turn. Second, I had a massive amount of events out to support my TT pile and since j had very little kill prevention I could get rid of a lot of guys slowing him down considerably. The last thing that kept me in the game was Energize and Syrran to play my guys with discount and getting me free card draws when I attempted my planet missions. I did, however, allow Johannes to score 5 bonus points when he picked Syrran for the third time in a row with Hard Time. In the end I was able to push through all my missions with J having only solved his space mission. FW 105-40(+5).

Round 3RomulanLoke AndersenFL (-70)
Ok, last game of the day for 1st place in the side event. I was actually quite anxious before this game. Though Loke might be new to STCCG, he doesn't play like a newbie. He's been playing and modifying his Romulans since he started and he's got a pretty good build going by now. I knew my TT pile would have a tough time stopping him with Donatra, Karina, Ruwon and Powershift and all the Romulan bonus point magic. I figured that my only chance would be to get a lot of events out and kill his entire crew when he attempted. Unfortunately, this wasn't my game. I struggled to get any support events out at all! I just couldn't get the setup going and had to play for 7 or 8 counters when he attempted which just wasn't enough. He could then micro attempt for an easy solve on the following turn. Between my bad opening and his Donatra, Ruwon, Karina, Powershift combined with no people with only three skill dots and always astro/nav and bio/geo in hand, there was really little I could do. I was lucky to even get one mission done as Loke played his dilemmas very efficiently against me. I just never got into the game. FL 30-100.