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Soren Ramme Nielsen (s_ramme)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2012-03-04 - 07:00 PM
BorgDorg Bissidents
2nd tournament of the day. This time 6 players in it. I had brought a Borg dissident deck with me to Aarhus and did consider playing them in the main tournament (to play with something from the new set), but opted against it as I found them too vulnerable against Gomtuu, Rogue Borg Ambush etc. Also capture might be a problem.

Round 1CardassianUnjustly BannedFW (+70)View opponent's Report
First game I face James again. Ironically, James' Cardie capture deck was one of the reasons why I didn't play Borg in the main tournament. Turns out that he saved it for this tournament. Lucky for me, James struggled a bit to draw enough personnel which game me some time to build up a core full of events and a big crew and head out and attempt my missions. I don't really remember what happened on my first attempt, but I believe that I solved on my first go. I do remember, though, that James broke his vow (see http://www.trekcc.org/tournament/index.php?mode=viewreport&playerID=119&tournamentID=3395) and played Armed Search Party figuring that it would be effective against 5-5-5 drones, but with dissident Seven og Nine and the generally slightly higher attribute total of the other dissidents, ASP did nothing. On his turn James also got his first mission (Kressari, I think) in one go by using two The Central Commands on first Agonizing Encounter and then Unfair Comparison. During the rest of the game James captured Seven of Nine, B'Elanna Torres, First and Third, but I managed to solve my to planet missions before James could get his 2nd mission for the full win.

Round 2StarfleetJakob MadsenMW (+10)
Jakob had only the night before thrown together a 35 card mirror Starfleet deck going for the mirror Starfleet and Bare Minimum achievements. It worked pretty well and got a lot of people in play fast. Fortunately, my dilemma pile worked well against weenies and I held him off completing more than one mission for the entire game. Unfortunately for me, Jakob's dilemma pile was pretty effective against me as well. On my first attempt he played the perfect combo of Inequitable Exchange (capturing Janeway) and Gomtuu. This meant that I was struggling with Gomtuu, Rogue Borg and other skill dilemmas for the rest of the game. When time was called we both had one mission. Lucky for me mine was a 40 point mission, so I narrowly won the game. Modified win 40-30. Note: After this game I'm considering adding Rescue Captives to the deck, because the Borg dissidents are so vulnerable to a lot of skill dilemmas without Janeway.

Round 3MaquisMorten SandbergFW (+100)
Last game against my old friend Morten. He's playing Maquis with some of the old tricks and some of the new 'events on missions' stuff and Peter's TT pile. I felt confident going into this matchup with so much downloading, cost reduction with Energize and exstra counters from Unimatrix Zero, and Eight of Eleven to neuter his TT pile. Turns out my prediction was accurate and I managed to solve all my missions before Morten could solve his first. Full win. Note: Eight of Eleven can really lock down a kill pile. She can even be hiding at the Hq while saving your people. Morten didn't kill a single personnel during the entire game.