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Brian S (JeBuS)
Tournament Report - 1E - The Neutral Zone Regional
2020-04-03 - 12:00 AM
KlingonCrashing 22 T\'Ongs
Built this deck expecting a lot of TOS Fed and Borg. Using download prevention in place of dilemmas to slow my opponents.

Round 1FederationEnsign qML (-55)View opponent's Report
Q helped me test my deck, so he knew what was coming, and deftly avoided it with Bynars. I had no idea what he was playing seeing the mission selection. Only reason he didn’t win outright was that I sacrificed scoring my own points to put my ships in the Delta Quadrant to attack him, to stop him from getting the full win. Final score was 55-0(2) ML.

Round 2FederationGreg DillonFW (+45)
Greg played a Federation deck centered at Earth HQ, with all planet missions. It wasn’t looking good for me, since so many of my dilemmas were mis-seeds. The Computer Crash really stalled his game. I was drawing 5 or 6 cards per turn before he had a ship out. I solved a 25 point mission, revealing and destroying Planet Killer for 10 bonus points. I then went and solved another mission. The Crashes ran out, and Greg came out fast, solving the Trill mission, and accidentally using Luther Sloan to solve Access Archives all by himself (for only 10 points), since I mis-seeded dilemmas there. He got to 55 points, but at the next mission, hit a Cytherians, forcing him to STP the ship back to hand. I plodded through a couple more missions over a few turns, stressing all the while that Greg was going to win every turn. Final score was 100-55 FW.

Round 3FederationMathew McCalpinML (-35)View opponent's Report
Matthew played Feds with Group Therapy and Cadets. My deck was drawing all the wrong cards. Hardly any universals. Couldn’t get the time travel mechanism out. He went to attempt a mission on the far end with the Valiant. Dilemmas stopped and damaged the ship, which emptied it of all personnel. On my turn, I T’Ong dropped to it and blew it up. He then brought out the Defiant and quickly solved that mission. I left the T’Ong there to keep him distracted. Eventually STP dropped another ship with a numerous crew of Klingons to attack his folks down on that planet. Forced him to abandon the planet and Duck Blind. I went to attempt with a piddly crew on my end, but got stopped cold. Last turn, he tried another mission, but got stopped. Final score was 35-0(-2) ML.

Round 4HirogenCharlie PlaineFW (+100)View opponent's Report
Charlie played a DQ deck with Revised Holograms and a Black Hole in the Alpha Quadrant. The Crashes were extremely effective against his deck, since it relied heavily on downloads. He cleared a mission fairly early with a handful of folks that came through time with the Equinox. He left his self-seed unrevealed, though, which was troublesome. He got 5 bonus points from one of my dilemmas. But he didn’t solve the mission. That self-seed would worry me the whole game. I was able to solve Gulag for 35. Eventually he took the Equinox over to Investigate Quantum Singularity where he easily passed Arsenal: Separated and The Cloud. But I guess he didn’t have one of the reqs (Nav?). So the mission was empty and Equinox was out of range. On my turn, I STP-dropped the Fek’Ihr to the Equinox’s location. I also used another FTP to pick up a T’ong from the AQ and deposit it next door at the Barzan Wormhole in the DQ. The T’Ong and Fek’Ihr blew up the Equinox and all hands. Next turn, Fek’Ihr flew through the wormhole to the AQ. The next few turns were me moving all of my personnel (especially McKay) from Gulag on one end of the AQ spaceline to the Wormhole Terminus. Then flew Fek’Ihr back through the wormhole to the DQ. Moved to IQS and stole the empty mission for 45 points. McKay was the only NA guy in my deck, so he was needed just to attempt. Then flew back through and red-shipped Secret Salvage II until the Fek’Ihr could complete it. Final score was 100(108)-0(5) FW.

Closing Thoughts
So, the basic idea mostly worked. The opponents were slowed considerably. But I am not a good enough player to take advantage of that. If I changed the deck, it would include a Mission Fatigue in place of the Rods or one of the Crashes. That would have exposed a lot more ships and personnel for me to drop onto and destroy.