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Matthew Zinno (commdecker)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2022-10-10 - 12:00 AM
CardassianDominionOne Big Happy Family
I haven't played in a year, but the Chair's Challenge is rewarding Dominion decks, and I have one mostly built from last year. Let's try it!

Round 1Bruce ParrishMW (+55)
Somewhat-mirror match against Parrish: we both played We All Serve / Dom Command / Sona, and duped Cardassia, Kressari, and Baku. Fortunately for me, his dupes came out first and mine came out last, so all my missions were together while some of his were at the fringes. With wave after wave of attempts, I eventually solved Rare Phenom, also giving me a range boost for the ship under Cytherians. I tried another mission but time got called, and Bruce made a few attempts but got no solves. Final 55-0 (35 for the mission, 15 for Cyth, and 5 for VIL).

Round 2CardassianDominionBrian SykesML (-40)
Brian seemed to be playing the same seed deck as Bruce, same missions and engines. Brian held me back with tougher dilemmas though. One had Temptations of the Flesh@5, boosted when needed by Double Dumbass. One had Legerdemain locking me out (I had its skills at the start of the attempt!). The last unduped mission had a SEC-drain combo (Wessels/Eminian/Standoff) that showed me I need more SEC in this deck. Nearing the end, with about half of my personnel stopped by the newly revealed Standoff, I found that I could pass it and solve if I only had a Gul still unstopped for Comfort Women. (The deck also needs more Guls.) Instead, I took a chance on a shared mission, forgetting that being so low on SEC, I also couldn't pass my own self-seeded RulesOfO. Brian's endgame involved using Comfort Women to pass a post-Maglock Misinterp and solve for 30, then take advantage of it lasting for the turn, to pass the other Misinterp at another mission (but not the followups).

Round 3FederationMaggie GeppertTT (0)
Maggie had a Fed-CF deck, and still duplicated one of my locations (the compression anomaly). She eventually passed my Spatial Rift combo thanks to high cunning on Saavik, and solved Earth for 40, but couldn't get past the Maglock at the adjacent space mission. I got past Subspace Accident and other SCI dilemmas to solve Kressari for 35, and VIL gave me another 5 and another gun, with which I tackled Hanonian at Cardassia. On my last turn, one team exposed the last dil there, Rock People, and I sent a second team at it … before realizing that they couldn't possibly pass it, b/c although they could get a 3rd Geo with Comfort Women, two of them would have been on (Gul) Seskal. It would have been a better play to fly elsewhere and Exterminate some Cardassians for 11 more points. Instead, 40-40 TT.

Round 4StarfleetFederationlotjx2FW (+100)
Joe/lotjx2 had a Fed TOS deck, with 6 planets. That threw off my dilemma planning, but he never got past my early walls (Nano, Rules) to see my mis-seeds. His dilemmas were all TOS-themed, and none took me more than a second attempt to pass. FW 100-0.

Closing Thoughts
You know, I still have fun playing this game. Maybe I'll play it more again soon.