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Loke Andersen (Gronx)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Omarion Nebula Regional
2010-06-12 - 12:00 AM
RomulanIt's a trap!
Greetings good people reading this. First of all, I am quite new to this game, my good friend, known here as Peukon, asked me if I wanted to learn this Star Trek CCG, a game he seem to be a big fan of, and I must admit, with only two days of practice afore the tournament, my expectations were simply to have a good time, still learning the game. With regards to deckbuilding, the deck was built mainly upon an earlier deck by Peukon, which I only modified slightly with a ship change and a bit of dilemma pile tweaking.

Round 1BajoranJakob Brun NielsenFW (+65)
The only player I played against with less experience than myself, a bit of luck with my draws together with a bit of event downloading managed to give me a 25 minute turn 4 win, surprising both of us. This fast solving was mostly due to foul luck on his dilemma draws, resulting in a total of one failed mission attempt on my part.

Round 2CardassianBruno ThinnesenFW (+100)
Lightning start, managed to solve two missions before any personnel was captured. This, coupled with a dilemma draw on fire, resulted in a clean victory, was really liking my deck at this point.

Round 3BorgSoren Ramme NielsenMW (+30)
I had been warned repeatedly against Sorens deck, and especially his event distruction managed to keep me passive, luckily I managed to keep enough events in play to limit his actions to mainly event destruction, which meant that my small edge gained from some lucky early dilemma draws on his first mission resulted in the long term win.

Round 4VoyagerMorten SandbergFL (-60)
Playing against a fast solver deck proved troublesome, and a gamble with my dilemma selection failed, resulting in his first mission being accomplished in one try, a major mistake on my part which cost me the game.

Round 5DominionPeter H. MøllerFW (+5)
A most excellent game to end the tournament, the final points total might look fairly odd, but since Peukon needed 110 points to win, due to a certain well known dilemma, I was able to eek out a final mission attempt and completion. With regards to my deck, I had a very very slow start with neither Hiren, P&P nor any ships on either my hand, or the first 7 cards drawn, which set me back a fair bit.