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Jakob Madsen (jakob)
Tournament Report - 2E
2013-04-20 - 07:00 PM
StarfleetEvil Starfleet, knocking at your door.
after the Regional, we had another tournament. I played a AU starfleet, with 3 different ship and their Commanders. the idea was to do at 2 mission win, playing "Deploy the fleet" multible times.

Round 1MaquisSoren Ramme NielsenFL (-100)
Søren and Tobias had exchanged decks, so i was facing the Marquis. had 6 cards i play when søren reached 100 Points. Hmmmm..

Round 2CardassianDominionUnjustly BannedFW (+100)View opponent's Report
I was getting tired. 10 minuts in to the game i found out james was playing dual HQ! Focused on my own cards i solved in space and on planet. having a stoped team at the planet, james asked where the second team were? i said "they beam up". Wise move; next turn some wierd infiltrating loop made up by 4 cards killed all on the planet! solved the last mision (space)for my first ever FW in a tounament.

Round 3DominionKlingonNicholas YankovecMW (+5)
very close game. Nick was i front until last turn. then I compleated SSB and was 5 points ahead due to the starfleet bonus for solving space first.

Round 4ByeBY (0)

Closing Thoughts
Never played "Deploy the fleet". they should be exchanged with some damage manuevers, and then a "prefix codes" in the dilemmapile,- Evil....