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Greg Dillon (Latok)
Tournament Report - 2E - Australian Continentals Day One
2014-07-05 - 10:00 AM
I built this deck as a meta call, throughout the regional season I noticed a lot of people were using around the corner points so they could do a two mission win or they were only getting 100 points with no real back up plan. So I built a deck to use Phoenix/Causal Recursion as well as Security Precautions to force the opponent in to 4 mission.

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)

Round 2RelativityGarry DillonFW (+60)
I played Relativity at my Regional and know it's weaknesses well so I was able to slow Garry a lot as well as use Worf to severely limit Temporal Transporters. Phoenix made it so Garry had to do 4 missions and I finished before he completed his third.

Round 3KlingonBen DillonFL (-60)View opponent's Report
I had practised against Ben a couple of times before we came down to Sydney and he put in BQCs to counter my decks strategy, this allowed him to out speed me.

Round 4TOSMatthew TingFW (+40)
Another affiliation I knew well and this was the kind of deck I had built to beat so it was good when it worked. Matt made one big mistake of attempting with 5 which bought me an extra turn but I don't think it was completely necessary for me to win.

Round 5DominionSteve HartmannML (-1)View opponent's Report
I won this game. Yet another affiliation I have played a lot since Continentals last year and know well. I saw Steve's missions and realised that he would definitely have to do 4 missions if I played right by preventing his bonus points, which I did by destroying 2 Distant Exploration and using Security Precautions for Tenak'talar. On my last turn I had two planets and Steve had one space with a comfortable solve of his planet next turn, so I went at my space mission with Phoenix in hand ready to drop it next turn and move it over with Warp Speed Transfer (possibly solving the mission and winning the game anyway). However Steve got me with Where No One Has Gone Before, so he had a couple turns to try and pull something out of the hat, my next turn would have been Phoenix + Uhura to get a second Warp Speed Transfer in hand then the turn after that get it at Mediate Peace Treaty. At the start of Steve's turn the clock showed 11 minutes remaining, 6 minutes later he attempts his planet with 6 and I get d2/s2 and draw Hard Time and An Issue of Trust, he solves. 3 minutes after that he attempts his second space mission, I give him some dilemmas quickly (because at this point he needs 110 points to win which meant a 4th mission so I wasn't worried if he solves his 3rd on the next turn) he ends up getting stopped but only after time because he spent a 'strategic' amount of time to figure out he couldn't get passed the dilemmas and solve. When he finally ends his turn I have one more because he went first, I finish it in 10 seconds, Phoenix + Uhura + download Warp Speed Transfer. I was not happy after this game, I was ahead on points I was well ahead in the game since Steve needed 4 missions (though he argued he could've drawn his third Distant Exploration on his next turn) and if I could draw my second Causal Recursion at his last two missions and I did get another turn he couldn't have won, needing 130 points and only 125 available. Normally when Ben and I talk about players we like playing against we both highly prioritise speed (not actually going fast, just not going slow), ourselves, Rob Dawson, the Clarkes, Shane Brierly and Steve have been on that list because of speed. Steve is not on my list any more, he played Dominion at his Regional, his planet mission needed Security and 2 Treachery with 34 Strength, figuring out away teams for that and his space mission taking 6-7 minutes, whether intentionally slow or not, is bullshit. So ML with more points and a much better position in the game, great.

Round 6BajoranCardassianKenny NguyenFL (-100)
Kenny's deck got a really good start, Dukat, Crell Moset and Garak to start cheating right away my one chance was to get the Phoenix to Mediate Peace Treaty because he could only get 100 points from his missions. Unfortunately he had Mila out and I couldn't get both Warp Speed Transfers in hand so he just waited to nullify the one I did play in a desperate attempt to move the Phoenix, game over.

Closing Thoughts
If Ben didn't practice against this deck I would have beaten him because he would not have included the BQCs. If Steve didn't waste time I would have beaten him OR at the very least made it impossible for him to actually win. If I didn't lose to Steve I would have played Shane and beaten him as well (his Voyager deck would not have handled my strategy well).