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James Monsebroten (Orbin)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2022-04-25 - 12:00 AM
KlingonKlingon RAC - DS9
I had previously done a TNG Bat'leth tournament deck and thought it would be fun to try a DS9 version. Unfortunately I made a few mistakes during deckbuilding: 1. I built a combo with both Dead End and Experience Bij! where Dead End came first 2. Empok Nor downloads does not download multiple of a single card (Bat'leth) 3. I didn't seed the right docking site so, if I needed to download a Universal Ship it was too big to dok. Other than that, it was quite fun to have my Klingons patrol the spaceline participating in tournaments and taking pot shots at my opponent.

Round 1DominionBrian SykesTT (0)
Unfortunately we had a hard time getting this scheduled and had to miss the match

Round 2FederationMichael Van BreemenFL (-5)
This is the game where I found out I had a bad dilemma combo... but I didn't realize I had a problem with the docking site and I played it wrong (thinking back on the game after seeing other discussions around the new Nor rules I realized I couldn't have beamed from a big ship through the Nor shields unless I controlled it) One of the cool things that happened in the game was that I reported Luthor Sloan to a mission where I needed another SECURITY and Leadership to pass a dilemma. It was fun to bring that surprise out (I had a treaty and he was one of 2 non-Klingon cards in my deck)

Round 3Non-AlignedNiall MatthewFL (-100)
Unfortunately we had a hard time getting this scheduled and had to miss the match

Round 4FerengiJulius MelhardtMW (+10)
We got this scheduled really really late, but did manage to play. It was a lot of fun to play against the Ferengi. He kept building up a stockpile of 47th Rule to threaten my people with Shame about how they dress and ended up bouncing four of them during the game. In this game I played the Nor right and tried to adjust my dilemmas to account for the Dead End / Experience Bij! issue (also correctly downloaded only one of each equipment). One of the most fun things was having Chu'Vok affected by a Crippling Injury and still driving the Modified Vor'Cha giving orders to the crew :) I also learned something pretty cool about wormholes. It might have been the case before the errata (not sure), but the card works on your opponents turn. I was closing in for the kill on the damaged U.S.S. Enterprise (ferengi version) and it disapeared through a wormhole before my Modified Vor'Cha could vaporize it. On my last turn of the game I tried to clear a 4th Bat'leth Tournament (and then I would have used a Q's Tent for an Arbiter of Success to get to 140 points and win) and I got through to the last dilemma which was In The Pale Moonlight. Looking back I found that the only way for me to pass that dilemma in my deck was with Luthor Sloan, who Was at least 7 cards down from the top of the deck when we started.

Closing Thoughts
I enjoyed building a deck with the restrictions of RAC. The funny part is that I got one of my favourite affilations and I had way too many deck ideas. In the end I settled on the Bat'leth Tournament style deck with DS9, but I was tempted to do a TOS or 22 Klingon deck... next time I guess :P