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Ben Dillon (Broshak)
Tournament Report - 2E - Australian Continentals Day One
2014-07-05 - 10:00 AM
KlingonKlingon Continentals 2014
Stole the Draw Deck almost 100% from Kris Stonsteby, so thanks for that. It's too cold in Sydney. Klingon Riker Sword variant Day 1

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)
Earned bye, decided to take it cause I was sick and lazy.

Round 2Starfleet-Alec White-FW (+100)
Luckily paired down in second round with a new player. He didn't know how to combat my deck or the tricks he had in his. Made some good dilemma plays but couldn't get a mission done.

Round 3TOSGreg DillonFW (+60)View opponent's Report
Played against this deck 2 times the week before to help him test, the B'aht Qul Challenge's were added to help me get around some of the tricks he was trying to pull. Early Causal Recursion removed with a B'aht Qul allowed me to get home easily.

Round 4BajoranCardassianKenny NguyenFW (+100)
Really quick game, early AWC for him got him out attempting early. I got pretty lucky when he dropped Evek revealing an interrupt and a person I already had in play. In the end I sped through my missions pretty quickly but the game ended earlier than it should have when he gave me a Rogue Borg Ambush after I had played Sword of Kahless.

Round 5VoyagerShane BrierleyFW (+35)
Shane played Voyager the first day. Some pretty lucky dilemma results slowed him down completing Caretakers until I had almost finished Investigate Alien Probe. Straight race from there with the Sword pulling ahead when he also made the same mistake as Kenny and gave me a Rogue Borg Ambush.

Round 6RelativityGarry DillonFW (+25)
Closest game of the day, I should probably have lost. Dad made a massive mistake when he forgot to Temporal Transporters Kirk for one turn allowing me to throw a Rogue Borg Ambush for an easy all stop at his second mission. Bought me enough time to win the game.

Closing Thoughts
Playing my brother and father was sort of lucky for me cause I knew I could take them both without too much issue. Was pretty happy getting away with a win against Shane as he is one of the better players down in Sydney. Wish I could have played Steve, don't think I played him once all week.