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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2021-06-28 - 09:00 AM
DominionIm tellin yall, its a sabotage
Infiltrate, kill diplomacy and security. Profit!

Round 1Joseph WisniewskiFW (+100)
Joe misses our time, so I dont get to play

Round 2KlingonFederationMathew McCalpinFW (+75)View opponent's Report
I play Matthew. He has Kirk as a benefactor. This leaves me worried that I wont be able to skim out enough of the key skilss. I am able to kill a lot of them. a cytherians lets me kill a lot of folks as well. Strong part. I capture Khan. Having a NA strenght 11 infultrator makes Dail M stronger as it is easier to get 2 kills. His dilemmas capture a bunch of folks, but I have the skills i need which makes a two mission win easy as I murder Khan for the final points i need in the fight club for data purposes, I went second.

Round 3BajoranMichael Van BreemenFW (+100)View opponent's Report
I get Martok on ds9 on turn 1. He kills ezri and winn on turn 2 after than i am building up slow (since I don't have an engineer to get going) but MVB is playing the new ship drop deck. the turn after he drops weapons 40, I play Bashir founder to DS9 and supernova the bajoran homeworld. This would have left MVB at draw 2 play 1 so he called it a day.

Closing Thoughts
Deck is fun. I am glad i added the supernova at the last minute just in case