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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 1E - The Neutral Zone Regional
2022-09-05 - 09:00 AM
Romulan2022 Regionals Rommies

Round 1TerranJohannes KlarhauserFW (+65)View opponent's Report
So I start with Johannes. He has a boat load of interrupts and is draining security and anthro at insurection. He is drawing poor, so my dilemmas slow him down. He LOOS's the injector, so I have two turns to solve insurection. First try, he gets a he draws 2 anthro at random out of a 12 person crew. Second time, I have enough people (and remember I could have Used Mccory to DL bricklayer and get another anthhro. I am then able to work quickly through mine diletjium on the doubled turn he then grinds past my first plannet mission but cannot get through the next. I then lose most of my guys to a genius space combo (temptations plus double dumbass into vger. But I am able to pull dudes from around the spaceline to solve the next turn

Round 2Paddy TyeFW (+100)
Paddy is playing a fun Khan deck, but it just isn't fast enough. It takes me until turn 5 to get through Insurrection, but then on the doubled turn, I solve all of my missions.

Round 3KlingonMichael Van BreemenFW (+30)
the mvp of the game is rayna kapak she nullifies a lot of the female dilemmas (and I then use cybernetics expertise to cycle her) that lets me go to space of lots of peaople. I am able to get MVB by a turn.

Round 4BorgMathew McCalpinFW (+65)
He is TNG borg. I did not seed my dilemmas smartly, but he is trying it without relentless and is still moving I am able to trip friendly fire in space on turn 1. While I wait i start grinding through insurection. Turn 3 i solve quash. He finishes his first planet. On turn 4 I draw mccory to clear a med crisis on insurection and then solve past teh bij, I unstop to clear romulous down to a misinterpreted history. I then use the double turn finish it off for the win.

Round 5Sebastian KirsteinFW (+60)
So Seppl and I play the correct game this time (see my 2e report). Looks like murder androids. I am not sure how to feel about this, but we are going to give it a go. I get an abismal draw, so he takes an earlyt lead by slamming easily through my med combo on turn 3 turn 3 i limp out and see a lone seeded quantuum leap in space, so i send a crew there next turn to solve. He then gets his crew cytheians at empok nor I then solkve insurection and the moon on the doubled turn for the win Good game sir!