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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 2E
2023-01-02 - 09:00 AM
StarfleetHumans Only

Round 1DS9-EarthAdam BargarFW (+90)
Adam fails to notice that leaving a staffed ship at earth would turn off some of my consume nonsense after I solved a mission. Because of this, I frustrate him and am able to grind through all my missions just before the time would be called.

Round 2Tjark OttMW (+10)
I thought i was going to lose this game because i didnt give him points before my first mission attempt, so he swashbuckled my interupt away. this then let him get through the first space since i would consume to many, then dimma draws killed me at space. But then I am able to stall him for a long time at his last space mission The key play of the game was nullifying a second cluttering that let a gomtu hit then getting to gomtu again when he fixed it. I grind to the mod win by 10 points thanks

Round 3KlingonChristopher JansaFL (-70)