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Steve Nelson (Boratus)
Tournament Report - 2E - Andoria Regional
2021-08-07 - 11:30 AM
MaquisApplying the FULL-NELSON 1.4
After a near 2 year hiatus (not including online games), I decide to go with my trademark FULL NELSON Maquis deck. Biogenic Weapon + Strange New Worlds = FULL NELSON

Round 1TOSBen JohnsonFW (+100)
I immediately play the FULL NELSON on his space missions and Ben has only one law in play. He attempts his mission with Strange New Worlds on it and I use Inequitable Exchange to nab his only law personnel. I later complete my missions getting the full win. FW 100-0

Round 2DominionJeremy BenedictMW (+70)
I only manage to get SNW in play but no BW so no FULL NELSON. I complete my 1st mission thanks to using B'Elanna stopping Jeremy's Gorgon allowing me a chance to pass it. Jeremy attempts his 1st mission and I stop him putting 6 dilemmas and Edo probe on top giving him an auto-pass next attempt. He doesn't attempt it again guessing he doesn't want me to have points. Time is called and I need one more mission to get the win so I send 10 peeps to attempt. It fails and I only get the modified win. MW 70-0

Round 3DominionMatthew HayesMW (+35)
Matt has a very unpleasant game. I start and use Shankar 1st turn. I only manage to get SNW in play with no BW. We both manage to complete one mission though i put Odo in my brig thanks to Inequitable Exchange. Time his called and on my final turn i draw BW and play it on his near completed 2nd mission. I protect it later with Valjean/Cosette combo agasint his Founder Leader. I attempt my 2nd mission with 6 peeps allowing only 1 dilemma draw for Matt and he gets it! Im forced to use Santos to destroy every event except BW to complete. This makes my third mission harder to complete which I don't. Matt attempts another 2nd mission, but I kill all his geology negating him the mission and the mod win. MW 70-35

Closing Thoughts
Never got to use FULL NELSON that much. Mostly just a HALF NELSON. Inequitable Exchange was huge in all 3 games. A lot of high improbable picks happened in my games also. Most notable are Jeremy with Borath (1 in 6 and 1 in 5 chances both successful), and Matt with that top dilemma deck 1 coster.