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Derek Marlar (winterflames)
Tournament Report - 1E - Qo'noS Regional
2015-05-30 - 06:00 PM
FerengiFerengi Crew!
The usual minimum showed up again, so the match ups were unsurprising. I played a Ferengi deck designed to get ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS! Also to play no fewer than 2 personnel per turn.

Round 1KlingonJohn Paul VeaseyFL (-100)
Tough game as I was trying to remember how to play my deck. Forgot several of my draw engines until near the end. This was the game where my dilemmas were most effective. Which wasn't all that effective as it was a Full Loss.

Round 2DominionRoss FertelFW (+100)
I have no idea how I won this game, since I had to make a Cytherians run. I did manage to pull my Peace is good for business after he got his War is good (and download a Scepter so he couldn't nullify mine). Matriarchal walled him.

Round 3BorgSean O'ReillyFL (-30)
I had to cut to work so this game got called short of time. His 6 planet and Borg threw my dilemma combos for a loop, so I threw as many gender dilemmas under Ferenginar as I could and tried to put a wall under each of his homeworlds. With my Sleeper Trap under Earth. But I forgot to attack him the turn after they downloaded, so he got Earth cleared. The next turn I finished my third mission and had to "resign" at 70 points. Since I quit the game I lost.

Closing Thoughts
Not a bad deck after all, I had a decent chance against even my borg opponent, even with all the humans in my deck. Probably try it again with a different dilemma selection.