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Chris Lund (DataNoh)
Tournament Report - 1E - Deep Space 9 Regional
2022-06-25 - 01:00 PM
VidiianWarp Speed Regional June 2022
My first time playing ST:CCG in person in over 20 years, and my first time participating in an organized tournament for the game. The tournament director graciously provided me with a deck compatible in the format since I hadn't been able to put a physical one together prior to the date.

Round 1FederationHirogenCorbin JohnsonFL (-50)View opponent's Report
Solid game, but I never stood a chance. Corbin got a ton of personnel/ships out fast and was able to sweep missions pretty quickly. Enjoyed talking with Corbin about some of the game's history.

Round 2FederationBrian SFW (+60)
Was surprised to get the win here. Got a bit lucky as Brian ran into some dilemmas with odd requirements that his personnel in play weren't prepared for. Realized after the game I'd accidentally made a couple illegal plays, but I don't think they were deciding factors. Delightful opponent!

Round 3FederationHirogenMaggie GeppertFL (-60)View opponent's Report
Similar deck to Round 1, based on Voyager + shuttles + Hirogen Hunt. I was using a deck that Maggie built, so she had a bit of insider knowledge. Even without that, I'm sure I would have been wrecked pretty thoroughly here. My two target missions both required Computer Skill, and I kept losing my CS personnel in failed Away Team attempts.

Closing Thoughts
I liked the Warp Speed format, despite the rules being a little unbalanced in the current game. It made it very easy for me to participate despite not having much experience. Also made for a shorter day! Although I wouldn't have minded longer games. Everybody I met and played against was great. Very glad I came out to this tournament. Huge thanks to Maggie for both hosting and providing me with a deck! Getting a tournament foil as a prize was an unexpectedly beautiful moment for me -- I was never able to make it to a tournament back in the Decipher days.