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Stefan Slaby (Winner of Borg)
Tournament Report - 1E - Austrian National
2023-10-21 - 11:00 AM
BorgUser Error
i was planning to play Computer Crash anyway, but while researching related cards, i stumbled upon the loosely worded The Ultimate User errata. ignoring Computer Crash, even my own, all the time? that already sounded completely bonkers. i was going to build TNG Borg with 5-6 Computer Crashes... and then i realized that Computer Crash doesn't have a countdown or anything, it just tells you to discard it later. that's part of its effects! so if i'm allowed to ignore Computer Crash, all the time, for any purpose, i should be allowed to ignore that part, too... now that's insane. deck locked in.

Round 1CardassianManuel Rupprecht FW (+39)
Manuel played dissident Cardassians. i was expecting to lock him out with Computer Crash, instead he Kevin'd both my copies, so it only cost him one turn. my Oof! did a lot of work (but ultimately wouldn't have made much of a difference because of many, many bonus points from Labor Camp). his dilemmas took a lot of Adapting though, and his Persistent Individuality killed 7, so this game turned into a real nailbiter. i only ended up winning by lucky random selections. (and would have certainly lost that one, had he Amanda'd my Adapt on Persistent Individuality.)

Round 2FederationJohannes KlarhauserFW (+5)View opponent's Report
Johannes ran 6 planets, so i self-seeded Balancing Act. he also completely blocked Computer Crash, using Quark's Isolinear Rods to fetch 10 and 01. (was the broken stuff i'd found going to be completely useless? at least i didn't commit too many cards to the strategy...) my cube was completely emptied on turn 2 by M-113 Creature and Ankari "Spirits", which was pretty bad. luckily i could play 3 Engineer and Exobiology on a single turn to cure the Spirits and get back in the game. Temporal Investigations did a lot of work, and the 50 point head start from Balancing Act meant that even with a Genesis Device and lots of bonus points, Johannes still needed 3 missions, so i won the race - barely.

Round 3VulcanJan.SFW (+100)
Jan has only recently gotten back into the game, and he had really bad luck getting this pairing. (an odd number of us were at 2 wins, i got paired down, and he'd had a bye before). his Vulcan deck wasn't too fast to begin with, and the permanent Computer Crash did the rest. (Temporal Investigations and the referee cards also did a lot of work this game.)

Round 4BajoranFlorianFW (+100)
Florian had beaten Peter's 5 Computer Crash monstrosity, so i was expecting one more opponent who wouldn't care about that. luckily, i was wrong. Florian couldn't block Computer Crash, he just didn't care about it much when he got good draws. this time he didn't, he often played ships with only 2 personnel, and i made that problem worse by hitting a 13-card hand of his with Scorched Hand.

Closing Thoughts
The Ultimate User needs another errata (e.g. "ignore *opponent's* Computer Crash"), or at the very least a glossary-level ruling that you can't ignore the part where your Computer Crash tells you to discard it later.