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Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich)
Tournament Report - 2E - Risa Regional
2014-04-12 - 03:00 PM
TOSI Found Scotty
I had a very busy week ahead of the Regional, and didn't have time to build the new Bajoran deck I wanted to play (turned out to be fortunate). I was originally going to play my Dominion Infiltrator deck, but I didn't want to slog through playing it. I settled on net decking a speed solver, and chose Michael Van Breemen's TOS deck w/Tragic Turn. Tragic doesn't see a lot of play out here, and I thought I could catch people off guard with it.

Round 1DS9Non-AlignedDan HammanFL (-100)
Dan was playing a Genetically Enhanced deck out of DS9, with a little bit of support in the deck from the Niners. His deck was fast, and once he got Arik Soong and Udar out, he very easily avoided my TT Kill pile. (It didn't help that I made many mistakes.) I was never able to get off the ground, and it was over before it started.

Round 2BajoranThomas VML (-30)
TV had Bajoran weenies doing Integrity missions. I was able to destaff him at his first mission with my dilemma pile, but he stood me up for quite awhile at Deliver Ancient Artifact. I just wasn't fast enough with the deck to keep up with the fact my dilemma pile was giving missions away in two turns. I did manage to slow TV down enough to hold him to a MW.

Round 3BajoranRogue ShindlerML (-25)View opponent's Report
Rogue was playing Bajorans, with a MASSIVE deck using a lot of the new cards in Return to grace. He showed both 50 point missions, so I figured this was going to be a race - and it was. My dilemma pile utterly failed to produce an ACE, and he was able to stop me a very long time. I managed to be ahead at time, thanks to some bonus points, but he solved a planet to give him P/S for the win. Well played!

Round 4BajoranJD_AshleyFW (+5)
JD also had Bajorans, but his was a two-mission win focused on going to other quadrants and using Distant Exploration. I was glad I had the Grav-Plating Traps in my deck (and Sisko), as I was able to cancel both of his Accessions. I was able to take advantage of a major misplay on JD's behalf when he wasn't able to score his bonus points from Parada II, and stole the win from him 100-95. Good game JD!

Round 5KlingonJohnny HolevaFW (+30)
Johnny brought his Klingon deck, and it is super strong and lightning fast. He attempted early in space with 6, and I was able to catch him by surprise with my kill pile - leaving him without enough people to attempt by my TCS, and costing him a turn to build back up. Johnny then threw one dilemma, Rogue Borg Ambush, at my planet, and I was able to Driven past the dilemma and solve on the first try. But Johnny was able to fight back, hitting me with a WNYHGB and playing two ETU to get around most of my kills. Finally, I had dilemmas under Dyson Sphere and he had two missions, and he made a decision to go to solve TCS for the win. He played expertly around my kills, but was left with just 15 skills. He was guaranteed to win next turn, but I used a Field Studies to bury my mission and solved it for the win. I just want to say that, win or lose, Johnny is one of the nicest guys and best opponents in all of Trek.

Closing Thoughts
I love playing Trek in San Diego. Every single person I played today was classy, fun, entertaining, and a good friend. It's a privileged to live and play here.